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Age: 37
Location: Kauhava

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Uploaded: 13.09.2010 18:37
Categories: Other Computer Components

pcton - Got ram?

Got ram?

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14.09.2010 15:05 OzzkuuYou're working somwhere and building 25 computers for a school or something like that
14.09.2010 09:54 pctonWeTzQ: got those too...
14.09.2010 02:04 fknoobnow only missing 25 motherboards, PSUs, CPUs, graphics cards, HDDs?
14.09.2010 01:48 fknoob"I just found em lying around below the desk in the computer store" right?
13.09.2010 20:36 s0lidMaking some huge rendering farm :P?
13.09.2010 20:27 DJanneBut how and why?
13.09.2010 20:10 j037:D
13.09.2010 19:44 BuilderiNiBa: please, keep that meme-stuff in imageboards
13.09.2010 19:28 NiBaAnd... others are empty.. Ebin troll. :DD
13.09.2010 19:14 j037give me some ram! :D