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Uploaded: 09.06.2009 18:46

BLOBO - Some parts to my miniboombox.

Some parts to my miniboombox.

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12.06.2009 16:11 YarikoThrow the transformer away, after that there should be rectifier-circuit build from diodes probably, after that there is probably "smoothing-circuit" which includes capacitor and resistance. Right from there you should be able to input your 12VDC, probably you can give the 12VDC before the smoothing circuit (if there is one). Though this is just a hunch and I don't really know nothing about that circuit you have.
12.06.2009 14:41 Hene987Wut?! :D I think that the creative thing has just transformer which gives 12V DC, dunno. It's pretty hard to know, you have the amp and you don't know how they work and nobody else has that thing.
12.06.2009 14:19 BLOBOhmm leaves, what I am talking about. -.-
12.06.2009 14:15 BLOBOThat is what I meant, yes. Well I have AC Adaptor and there is some text: Input: 230V and Output: 12V. So do I have to mod anything because this is AC adaptor ? So the power what leaves on the amp is DC ? :DD Dunno, tell me.
11.06.2009 22:37 JipaYou mean the amplifier is meant for AC-power? You need to modify the original PSU, and figure out where to put the new wires for 12 VDC...
11.06.2009 22:17 Hene987O.o Batteries give only DC. So just hook that thing up.
11.06.2009 22:09 BLOBOAll these components are from Creative SBS380. I was thinking about 12V (gel)battery, but some guys said that its not gonna work without some adapter because of AC "power"? Have to get more information how I am gonna power this up, because I am not so good on these electronic things. :D Sry bad english.
10.06.2009 23:58 drakminIs that bass driver and amp from some Creative speaker set? How are you gonna power this up?
10.06.2009 14:38 hubnice ;)