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Title: TV-stand
Created: 02.09.2011 13:10

Installed 2 meters of DealExtreme RGB led strip behind my diy tv stand. Much more comfortable to watch the screens now in the dark room.
Installed 2 meters o...
The 3D-model got real.
I'm still missing dark tinted glass or plastic doors and some rubber noise absorbers for HDD's (in the box).

Video about the server box: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Oy6fCTHtM
The 3D-model got rea...
I'm going to buy TV (maybe 42" LG LK450) to my student box. But before that I need some stand for it.

There's some plans about it. Guess what's inside the box ;)
I'm going to buy TV ...

Title: RGB mixer
Created: 14.10.2010 18:29

3x 42 led RGB mixer.

The circuit is simple potentiometer - ATMega8 (adc -> pwm) - mosfet system.

And the purpose of that? It goes to university of applied sciences to exemplify mixing of colours etc.
3x 42 led RGB mixer....
3x 42 led RGB mixer.

The circuit is simple potentiometer - ATMega8 (adc -> pwm) - mosfet system.

And the purpose of that? It goes to university of applied sciences to exemplify mixing of colours etc.
3x 42 led RGB mixer....
3x 42 led RGB mixer.

The circuit is simple potentiometer - ATMega8 (adc -> pwm) - mosfet system.

And the purpose of that? It goes to university of applied sciences to exemplify mixing of colours etc.
3x 42 led RGB mixer....

Title: Subwoofer
Created: 16.08.2010 14:52

Complete subwoofer.
Driver: Tangband W8-740E
Complete subwoofer....
Complete subwoofer.
Complete subwoofer....
Making of subwoofer.
Making of subwoofer....
Ordered some subwoofer amplifier stuff from Partco.

Higher resolution image:  http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/atm_palat.jpg
Ordered some subwoof...
Tangband W8-740E and some other subwoofer stuff waiting for summer holiday.  :)

And some hi-fi MacGyver patent: http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/amparisubi.jpg  xD
Tangband W8-740E and...
Some subwoofer plans. Going to build it before army, during the summer holiday.
Element is Tangband W8-740e (8") with 27Hz tuned 20l reflex case.
What do you think, which is best one?
The element of the first model is kicking downwards.

That thing at the back of scene is av-rack cabinet. Maybe I'm going to build it later..or then not..
Some subwoofer plans...

Title: Electronics
Created: 03.01.2009 12:41
Some electronical things I\'ve done. Moreover theres a few things in \"1st case\" album.
Digital microscope made of Logitech C270 webcam and cheap 50mm CCTV lens from dx.com.
Image quality is enough for SMD soldering, working distance is about 30-40cm and latency & motion blur in webcam viewing program is acceptable. I may add also 1/4" threads for camera holder.
Digital microscope m...
Building a digital microscope for SMD soldering

Logitech C270 webcam  (21 eur)
50mm CCTV lens (33 eur)
Building a digital m...
This weekend project:
USBasp AVR programmer + programmable switch mode power supply (L4960 SMPS-chip, ATMega8, 2x ADC inputs, 2x PWM outputs, 6x data I/O lines)
This weekend project...
DIY audio preamp.
It can be used for example to convert mic signal to line level. Theres switches for on/off, mic bias voltage and output overvoltage protection + 6 step rotary switch for gain control (+6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 32dB and 40dB).
DIY audio preamp....
DIY (mono) audio preamp.
Schema: http://ptxsrv.no-ip.org/mikkivaffari/mikkivaffari_schema.png
DIY (mono) audio pre...
I taked that IR receiver  module from old / broken video recorder.
It needs only one resistor, one capasitor, 5v from PSU and one wire goes to serial port.
With IR Assistant and WinLirc its possible to do almost anything you want by any remote controller.

http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html  theres one example schematic. I modified it a little bit by taking 5v power from psu instead of RST pin, 5v regulator and diode.

I were so stupid that removed the "radiation shield" of receiver. It taked so much errors from my computer that I had to put some grounded tin foil about that.
I taked that IR rece...
My leds blinking by music.
Theres 2x white, 2x green 130 lumen luxeons and behind my TV is 32 super bright blue leds. The blinker PCB is quite similar as I made for Jariko but I still use the first reversion made on (näkkäri).
My leds blinking by ...
My DIY amplifier (10+10W)
My DIY amplifier (10...

Title: 2nd case
Created: 06.10.2007 11:37

Näkymä kotelon ikkunasta (pleksi on vielä Etolassa) :D
Näkymä kotelon ikkun...
Maalatut osat kasassa. Vaikka maali + lakka kuivuivat n. viikon, pinta oli silti vielä niin tahmea, että pari pientä naarmua pääsi tulemaan.
Maalatut osat kasass...

Title: 1st case
Created: 06.10.2007 11:32

Tulipa tehtyä vanhasta kukkapurkin kosteusmittarista tuollainen viisari, joka pomppii kovalevyn tahdissa. Viisariosa on vain juotettu irti mittarista, laitettu sopiva vastus väliin ja kytketty hd-ledin rinnalle.
Tulipa tehtyä vanhas...
LCD-näyttö toiminnassa. Ohjaamiseen käytän LCD Smartieta.
LCD-näyttö toiminnas...
LCD -näyttö, trimmeri, LPT-kaapeli ja molex-liitin kolvattuna yhteen. Liitokset on suojattu vielä kuumaliimalla.
LCD -näyttö, trimmer...
Sitten reunustin reiän pätkällä sähköjohdon eristettä ja kiinnitin ritilän paikoilleen loctitellä. Tuuletin on Antecin 9cm läpinäkyvä malli. Ei niin hiljainen, mutta ajaa asiansa matalilla kierroksilla.
Sitten reunustin rei...
Tulipa viriteltyä viidestä punaisesta ledistä koostuva "ritari-ässä -viritelmä" koneen etuosaan. Valot seilaavat edestakaisin, kuin K.I.T.T:in etuosassa oleva skanneri.
Tulipa viriteltyä vi...
Lopuksi päällystin jalat vielä pinkillä karvakankaalla. Päivällä ei ehkä niin miehekkään näköiset, mutta pimeässä pinkki sopii mainiosti punaisten ledien kanssa :D
Lopuksi päällystin j...
Sivuikkuna sahattuna pistosahalla
Sivuikkuna sahattuna...

Title: Others..
Created: 12.06.2007 23:44

My DIY blue screen studio in our garage. Theres 7 normal lamps, 250w halogen with blue mask glass (which overheated and cracked although theres a cooling fan) and one video projector connected to my Mac (blue image).

We filmed the news studio parts of our ABI-video here. And I 3D modelled "the studio" afterwards.

Ps. Note the most stylish microphone stand (ice hockey stick)   :)
My DIY blue screen s...
The most stylish rocket launching stand of the year  =D

I just meant to throw away that wrecked case (taked some sheets to my full self made case) but then invented some better function for that :P
The most stylish roc...
More X-mas lights! I planned to put them blinking by music but maybe it's better to forget that idea..  :D
More X-mas lights! I...
Made some HDD cooler / anti vibration bed.
Cooler is from old 120MHz Macintosh, foam rubber from old mousepad and in the bottom there is some very soft foam plastic.

The second piece of heat sink cracked a little bit when I turned it 90 degree angle with vise and hammer but it works anyhow..  :D

And the result: Now I cant even hear my hdd (except when it reads or write..) when before the mod almost whole table resonated with it.  o/
Made some HDD cooler...
Some computers..
Some computers.....
My computer place @ ASM '08. The case is still under construction as you can see from the front panel shutter..and of course there came too many problems to solve on the last morning when I tried to put screws of aluminium sheet in.
My computer place @ ...
Yes yes. It will be ready before ASM '08 :D
Yes yes. It will be ...
14 days until ASM '08 and my case looks like that! Hurry? No shit..
14 days until ASM '0...
Now testing my peltier with better cooler "bought" from Lcdlo (Thx!). That seems better as the earlier test with cooler from 120MHz Macintosh. The surface gets about -5C.
Now testing my pelti...
Some 3D rendering
Some 3D rendering...
Zalmanin VF700AlCu pultattuna kiinni korttiin
Zalmanin VF700AlCu p...

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Fractal Design Define Nano S ITX -> ATX modification. 

Very nice looking and small enough case, but it's only for ITX mobo's. After a bit of dremeling, there's an ATX motherboard, 3.5" hot-swap HDD bay and vibration absorbing HDD cage. The back plate is made of 1.5mm aluminium sheet and the ATX sized mobo tray is taken from Yariko's full ATX case (thanks!).

More details: http://operationalsmoke.blogspot.com/2016/06/case-mod-fractal-design-define-nano-s.html
Fractal Design Defin...