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Created: 12.06.2007 23:44

My DIY blue screen studio in our garage. Theres 7 normal lamps, 250w halogen with blue mask glass (which overheated and cracked although theres a cooling fan) and one video projector connected to my Mac (blue image).

We filmed the news studio parts of our ABI-video here. And I 3D modelled "the studio" afterwards.

Ps. Note the most stylish microphone stand (ice hockey stick)   :)
My DIY blue screen s...
The most stylish rocket launching stand of the year  =D

I just meant to throw away that wrecked case (taked some sheets to my full self made case) but then invented some better function for that :P
The most stylish roc...
More X-mas lights! I planned to put them blinking by music but maybe it's better to forget that idea..  :D
More X-mas lights! I...
Made some HDD cooler / anti vibration bed.
Cooler is from old 120MHz Macintosh, foam rubber from old mousepad and in the bottom there is some very soft foam plastic.

The second piece of heat sink cracked a little bit when I turned it 90 degree angle with vise and hammer but it works anyhow..  :D

And the result: Now I cant even hear my hdd (except when it reads or write..) when before the mod almost whole table resonated with it.  o/
Made some HDD cooler...
Some computers..
Some computers.....
My computer place @ ASM '08. The case is still under construction as you can see from the front panel shutter..and of course there came too many problems to solve on the last morning when I tried to put screws of aluminium sheet in.
My computer place @ ...
Yes yes. It will be ready before ASM '08 :D
Yes yes. It will be ...
14 days until ASM '08 and my case looks like that! Hurry? No shit..
14 days until ASM '0...
Now testing my peltier with better cooler "bought" from Lcdlo (Thx!). That seems better as the earlier test with cooler from 120MHz Macintosh. The surface gets about -5C.
Now testing my pelti...
Some 3D rendering
Some 3D rendering...
Zalmanin VF700AlCu pultattuna kiinni korttiin
Zalmanin VF700AlCu p...