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Title: Electronics
Created: 03.01.2009 12:41
Some electronical things I\'ve done. Moreover theres a few things in \"1st case\" album.
Digital microscope made of Logitech C270 webcam and cheap 50mm CCTV lens from dx.com.
Image quality is enough for SMD soldering, working distance is about 30-40cm and latency & motion blur in webcam viewing program is acceptable. I may add also 1/4" threads for camera holder.
Digital microscope m...
Building a digital microscope for SMD soldering

Logitech C270 webcam  (21 eur)
50mm CCTV lens (33 eur)
Building a digital m...
This weekend project:
USBasp AVR programmer + programmable switch mode power supply (L4960 SMPS-chip, ATMega8, 2x ADC inputs, 2x PWM outputs, 6x data I/O lines)
This weekend project...
DIY audio preamp.
It can be used for example to convert mic signal to line level. Theres switches for on/off, mic bias voltage and output overvoltage protection + 6 step rotary switch for gain control (+6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 32dB and 40dB).
DIY audio preamp....
DIY (mono) audio preamp.
Schema: http://ptxsrv.no-ip.org/mikkivaffari/mikkivaffari_schema.png
DIY (mono) audio pre...
I taked that IR receiver  module from old / broken video recorder.
It needs only one resistor, one capasitor, 5v from PSU and one wire goes to serial port.
With IR Assistant and WinLirc its possible to do almost anything you want by any remote controller.

http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html  theres one example schematic. I modified it a little bit by taking 5v power from psu instead of RST pin, 5v regulator and diode.

I were so stupid that removed the "radiation shield" of receiver. It taked so much errors from my computer that I had to put some grounded tin foil about that.
I taked that IR rece...
My leds blinking by music.
Theres 2x white, 2x green 130 lumen luxeons and behind my TV is 32 super bright blue leds. The blinker PCB is quite similar as I made for Jariko but I still use the first reversion made on (näkkäri).
My leds blinking by ...
My DIY amplifier (10+10W)
My DIY amplifier (10...