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Title: Subwoofer
Created: 16.08.2010 14:52

Complete subwoofer.
Driver: Tangband W8-740E
Complete subwoofer....
Complete subwoofer.
Complete subwoofer....
Making of subwoofer.
Making of subwoofer....
Ordered some subwoofer amplifier stuff from Partco.

Higher resolution image:  http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/atm_palat.jpg
Ordered some subwoof...
Tangband W8-740E and some other subwoofer stuff waiting for summer holiday.  :)

And some hi-fi MacGyver patent: http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/amparisubi.jpg  xD
Tangband W8-740E and...
Some subwoofer plans. Going to build it before army, during the summer holiday.
Element is Tangband W8-740e (8") with 27Hz tuned 20l reflex case.
What do you think, which is best one?
The element of the first model is kicking downwards.

That thing at the back of scene is av-rack cabinet. Maybe I'm going to build it later..or then not..
Some subwoofer plans...