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Age: 30
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 27.10.2007 23:44

petex - Some 3D rendering

Some 3D rendering

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28.10.2007 12:16 petexI designed the display so probably you cant find same like from the market :P
28.10.2007 11:43 JipaWhat's that display? A dell it seems according to the stand, but how large?
28.10.2007 10:34 petexOr DFI LanParty UT CFX3200-DR. Cant remember..
28.10.2007 10:28 petexYes. Its DFI Lan Party NF4 SLI-DR.
28.10.2007 00:59 couple of DFI lanpartys have them aligned in that way.. and the color of the memory slots is also yellow (and theres one small heatsink too near them) so I would bet on DFI (perhaps on nf4 chipset) :)
28.10.2007 00:57 kazooCool. There is that Vista thing in your monitor :D
28.10.2007 00:24 Yoshi7900GTX SLI, but what motherboard has dimm slots on the left side of CPU socket ? :D