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petex - Now testing my peltier with better cooler "bought" from Lcdlo (Thx!). That seems better as the earlier test with coole

Now testing my peltier with better cooler "bought" from Lcdlo (Thx!). That seems better as the earlier test with cooler from 120MHz Macintosh. The surface gets about -5C.

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15.11.2009 16:14 Voryoncoolputer should have aswell
14.11.2009 22:23 petexUmm, I may keep it as a test piece for my projects. So not for sale. I've seen some peltiers in Jimm's and e-bay etc. if you wanna buy one.
14.11.2009 19:03 ExxuDo you still have this peltier? I could buy it if you don't need it
15.10.2008 16:21 laurilrAnd that is also know as peltier. The better you cool the hot side the cooler the other side will be :P
15.10.2008 15:00 HebitaksNow im confused :DD You apply the voltage, the one side gets hot while the other gets cold. :SSSS
15.10.2008 13:59 laurilrYou need a fan to cool a peltier, lol :P
15.10.2008 11:11 HebitaksCan you totally replace the CPU fan with a peltier? If so, how many watts are needed?
13.08.2008 17:14 JeffThanks, ill go get that 50W peltier next week... :)
13.08.2008 17:13 petexYes.
13.08.2008 17:13 Jeffso thats 90W and 12volt peltier?
13.08.2008 17:12 petexThat's 90W. I don't know how cold 50W peltier gets but this one is about 0C with 5V power.
13.08.2008 16:27 JeffHow many watts is that peltier? would 50W be enough to do the same?
05.02.2008 21:21 if theres some air between the cooler and the peltier (as there probably will be in 99,99% certanity) the temps won't be as good as if there would be thermal grease between..
05.02.2008 20:27 worderrorok. have to buy some :)
05.02.2008 19:57 petexHavent test but I think that it may help (specially between hot side of peltier and heat sink)
05.02.2008 19:53 worderrordoes that thermal grease help much ? im only getting 10.3C in my carfridge , and there wasnt any grease.
04.02.2008 19:35 worderrorthanks .
04.02.2008 19:14 Massehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_cooling
04.02.2008 19:03 worderrorwhat is that white plate with red and black wires ? im building a frigde from microwave owen+car 'kylmälaukku' 12v heatsink cooler.
04.02.2008 18:10 petexLaurilr had one extra peltier so he sold it for me. The price was about 12-13e.
04.02.2008 18:02 SevveHow much does those peltiers cost? And where to buy them?
04.02.2008 17:57 JapalaOne man's junk is another man's treasure ;)
04.02.2008 17:56 petexThats enough good to chilling my drinks in the future :D
04.02.2008 17:56 naake1i dont see it very smart to put 10e grease on useless thing :P
04.02.2008 17:55 petexBut maybe it get hotter when I put there better thermal grease..now there's cheapest possible grease.
04.02.2008 17:54 naake1get a better Cooler
04.02.2008 17:52 petexMy thermometer shows 36C
04.02.2008 17:29 MasseLooks like the boxed cooler of AMD and when I tested same setup it warm up a lot :D
04.02.2008 16:44 naake1how hot does the cooler get?