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Age: 30
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 18.08.2008 15:21

petex - Some computers..

Some computers..

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21.10.2009 21:42 BenaHLucky bastard. :/ I searched and it gave me 10-20 costing options. Maybe if I find decent one from some of the local flea markets, I maybe buy one.
20.10.2009 22:00 petexYep, thats pretty good with IL-2 Sturmovik =) but I should change new potentiometers. That uses midi/game port. Game port extension panel came with my mobo.
20.10.2009 21:36 BenaHI have that joystick! :D Logitech Wingman. It was cool to play an airplane simulator when I was at 2nd grade (7 years ago). :D I would maybe use it, but I have no suitable port (serial?) in my computer, so I have to figure out a way to use that as USB-device. Of course I could buy the adapter, but 10 euros for a adapter, which would hardly be in use? :D
18.08.2008 20:00 gemisAhh old apple computers, I just love them.
18.08.2008 18:15 petexThose are going back to my closet..I had only to take a picture :D
18.08.2008 18:08 pertti85nice..:D where are those going?
18.08.2008 16:21 YarikoI believe that Petex will not sell it, if he can't get more than 1k from it :P Nice collection, but I will collect more than you ever o/
18.08.2008 16:19 DJanneHow much costs that only Apple case? Only case, no any components?
18.08.2008 16:10 Jiikax:D
18.08.2008 15:26 pAbnErrr.. Pretty nice.. That apple case is cool ;]