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Uploaded: 12.10.2008 15:51

petex - Made some HDD cooler / anti vibration bed.Cooler is from old 120MHz Macintosh, foam rubber from old mousepad and in the bottom t

Made some HDD cooler / anti vibration bed.
Cooler is from old 120MHz Macintosh, foam rubber from old mousepad and in the bottom there is some very soft foam plastic.

The second piece of heat sink cracked a little bit when I turned it 90 degree angle with vise and hammer but it works anyhow.. :D

And the result: Now I cant even hear my hdd (except when it reads or write..) when before the mod almost whole table resonated with it. o/

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04.12.2008 00:03 Haba6ööö ei
15.10.2008 07:52 rippe:)
14.10.2008 21:03 petexNever! I have "a few" macs and that one were too unstable to use. I think that corrosed cpu pins caused it because it fixed almost every time when shaked proscessor card a little. Maybe I'll do keychain from cpu core :D
14.10.2008 20:57 rippeOMG, you have destroyed machintosh?!?! =D
13.10.2008 20:02 petex(I'll make new holes to heat sinks to better places and apply some thermal grease)
13.10.2008 19:59 petexHA! Wait week or a few and I have pro DIY modular PSU and uuber 1337 DIY HDD cooler ;DD
13.10.2008 18:23 pete21checkout my HDD coolers they cost me 2pound 50 new ebay uploading pic later 2nite :)
13.10.2008 17:05 pAbnOr even a workable HDD cooler? :)
13.10.2008 16:53 DJanneAgree
13.10.2008 16:44 YarikoLet's collect few coins (money) here in ATM for Petex so he can buy modular PSU? :)
13.10.2008 14:30 qwertyim never seen so clean computer than that!
12.10.2008 21:30 rippei think there is good airflow in that case ;)
12.10.2008 21:25 petexWhen looked at the pic I realized that I can make mobo atx power cable about 30cm shorter and forget that adapter by soldering wires correctly. 24x0,30m = 7,2m less wires :P
12.10.2008 21:18 NiBaI really hope that you do something for those wires. :p
12.10.2008 17:42 ReguThat wiremess can kill a hurricane :D
12.10.2008 17:03 YarikoMm... Nice? :D
12.10.2008 16:31 petexMaybe cable ties would help with wires but I'll not put them yet because the case isn't ready. And because that case is smaller as many of mATX cases (but still with FullATX mobo+power), it only looks more messy as FullATX cases.
12.10.2008 16:30 petexHeat sinks are now screwed to hdd with one screw but maybe I have to improve it..Hdd temps is now around 32-36C.
12.10.2008 16:15 OzzkuuAdhesive thermalpaste would be better than glue
12.10.2008 16:14 pete21thoses heatsinks on the HDD are not going to help cooling at all.glue them on with glue cerment so the heat can transfer tho the heatsink :)
12.10.2008 16:14 OzzkuuArgh, how can you live with that??
12.10.2008 16:01 laurilrFFS those wires :'''|
12.10.2008 15:54 petexAnd no complaining about wires.. :D