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Age: 30
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 16.08.2010 14:49
Categories: Home entertainment

petex - Complete subwoofer.
Driver: Tangband W8-740E

Complete subwoofer.
Driver: Tangband W8-740E

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25.08.2010 00:44 NiBaGood! It looks like factory made :)
20.08.2010 22:17 ReguGot to try veneering my cerwin vegas īcos my wife says(yells) that those are ugly and old looking
20.08.2010 18:20 petexYep. That was PVAc based glue. I used "Kiilto 66" because read that it would be best with that.
19.08.2010 23:23 ReguWhat glue did u use? PVAc glue a.k.a. "yellow glue"?
19.08.2010 19:57 petexIt's not very difficult but needs some consentration and knowing what to do. I think that ironing style is maybe the easiest (ok, that was my first veneering test). You can find some instructions from google. Most of veneers cracks VERY easily so buy enough..
18.08.2010 21:12 Reguwas the veneering difficult to do properly?
18.08.2010 20:19 Yarikoa.k.a. Cheap'O'Shit veener.
18.08.2010 20:15 petexsaber mahogany veneer (sapelimahonki viilu) http://ptxsrv.no-ip.org/viiluleikkaus.jpg
18.08.2010 20:05 MailWhat material did you use in facing? (i used translate.google)
18.08.2010 19:52 petexI've taken a lot of pics during building but not any "official" worklog. Should I make some ATM project about that? ;)
18.08.2010 15:14 MailDo you have worklog this subwoofer?
17.08.2010 11:10 YarikoCan't wait for the amplifier 8)
16.08.2010 22:10 petexwillek: whoops :P
16.08.2010 20:41 willekDriver! Element is finglish
16.08.2010 18:48 petexIt sounds awful at the moment (because of crappy 4-way car amplifier) but I'm building 100W amplifier system that should do the trick :)
16.08.2010 17:44 JipaLooks nice. How does it sound?
16.08.2010 17:40 jopagtinice finish :D