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Age: 29
Location: Jokioinen

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Uploaded: 13.01.2008 15:00
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

WeZa - 3dmark06 score with AMD Athlon X2 4200+ (that sux ass)Asus M2N-SLI DLX2x2Gb 800MHzSapphire Radeon HD3870 512Mbstock clock in eve

3dmark06 score with
AMD Athlon X2 4200+ (that sux ass)
2x2Gb 800MHz
Sapphire Radeon HD3870 512Mb
stock clock in every part :)

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19.03.2008 22:09 ToymachineHavent u overclocked ur X2 4200+ at all? Ur cpu score could easily go up to 2k
10.03.2008 15:26 WeZaI know it suxx but when I got some money I will get better hardware :D
10.03.2008 01:35 willekyeah.. my HD3870 & E6750 get ~12k :)
09.03.2008 22:23 s0lidonly ~8k with Hd3870??? Athlons suxx :D
09.03.2008 22:20 Toymachineoh u have ddr2.. i bet it is am2...
09.03.2008 22:19 Toymachines939 ?
03.02.2008 12:32 GSXI have double :P
03.02.2008 11:53 BroidiXAtm, but I only need new graphic card ;) You're leading now with 2k points and thats not much :P
03.02.2008 01:48 WeZamakekaze, but look my CPU :P need better..
03.02.2008 00:12 MasseBecause my mobo doesn't work with 8800GT. :F Otherwise I would get about same score.
03.02.2008 00:09 MasseI have worse!
02.02.2008 23:29 "I have better ;)" :)
13.01.2008 19:23 laurilrbaad choise sir, bad choise sir
13.01.2008 19:09 WeZaI think i get Phenom ;)
13.01.2008 18:57 laurilrToo good GPU :) You should get C2D
13.01.2008 16:39 JipaOr C2D. Shame the 3dmark06 requires so much from the CPU...
13.01.2008 16:23 WeZaIt would be better if I have Phenom :P
13.01.2008 15:29 viki:< better than mine