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My entry for the muropaketti gingerbreadhouse contest; an outhouse! :D
My entry for the mur...
New meters for the Datsun 120A, removed the clock and replaced it with a bar pressure cauge. White backgrounds for the meters, and moved the zero point of tacho and speedo to the right side of the meter, so when speed/rpm increases, the needle goes down first, and then starts climbing :)

There are no screws in place yet so the meters face to wrong directions and it may look a bit weird..
New meters for the D...
Datsun 120A.
My '81 Datsun 120A project. I bought it for 110e, and have now put over 800e to repair it. I got it re-registered on 19th of june, and have driven over 700km's in a week. My future plans are a bigger engine and turbo. There are more, but those i will do. Oh, and it's registered as a two seater :)
Datsun 120A....