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This is my first test of our guild logo. The size of that plexi is 10X15 and time spent was about 6 hours. It's not the best carving there is, but it's still quite nice to my skill level. The paintertape (maalarinteippi) is just a emergency idea, as i failed with aluminium tape by not isolating the connectors, resulting in short-circuit. I spent almost one hour on removing all the tape lost the motivation to do the isolation. Perhaps i do it on another time.

Although that was just a test, i still might put it somewhere, but i'm not sure where yet. So far i have come up with two ideas , which one is to build frames to it, or put it on my cases (Antec Solo) front panel, but as i'm going to do bigger version of it to my sidepanel, i might rule that out.

On bigger version i might do more colored version by putting some layers. As for the shape of the window i might cut it in the shape of logo.

As for the finishing words i just say, that i'm open to suggestions to this and my next project.
This is my first tes...