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Title: Gaming Shed
Created: 23.04.2008 11:39
Latest gear built on a medium budget.
Night shot. My rooms pretty cool now.
Night shot. My rooms...
I bought a new desk just for this computer. I built the desk myself which was fun.

Also, new monitor. 22" Samsung WS S2253BW. I pretty sure its a C panel, but for $298aud, I'm not complaining. It looks fantastic.

Speakers under the desk and a Logitech sub, all hooked up to a pre-amp I salvaged together myself. The best sounding stereos are always the ones you build yourself...yeah...
I bought a new desk ...
I had to take out the 20cm fan because the Zalman heatsink was pretty big. Still looks okay.

Also, Wii, DS and Sennheiser  headset. 

That lone speaker is actually just housing for a pre-amp. The speakers and sub is under the desk.
I had to take out th...
Building was the easy part of course. OS's are another kettle of fish.
Building was the eas...
AMD Quad Phenom 2.2 9500+
Gigabyte MA790X-DS4
ECS Nvidia  7600 (got this second hand months ago)
Kingmax 2GB DDR2 800 RAM
Zalman CNPS9700 Blueled
Western Digital 500gb SATA
18x LG DVD drive
Logitech LX210 Laser Desktop

I know the picture has an Asus wireless card, but I changed it to a belkin because of compatibility problems.

All up, this kit cost me $699aud.

Also, anyone have any success with overclocking Phenoms?
AMD Quad Phenom 2.2 ...
Got this case at the computer market for $70aud. Pretty nice case, still thinking about how to mod it. Maybe ATM members have some ideas.
Got this case at the...

Title: More Wii Mods
Created: 03.03.2008 03:00
This Gamecube mod was to put two rumble motors in one controller. It worked, and you can feel the difference, but of course, the voltage is being split between the two. Still cool though.
This Gamecube mod wa...
Messy parts desk. This was for my Gamecube controller mod.
Messy parts desk. Th...
I went on holiday and ended modding a friends wii. Best damn job I've ever done too. Sorry about the res too...but trust me, it was good.
I went on holiday an...

Title: Red Vinyl
Created: 04.10.2007 06:26
Pictures for new project.

Sorry about the bad picture, this was snapped from a video camera. Funny story too, check the project page to find out what happened.

Sorry about the bad picture, this was snapped from a video camera. Funny story too, check the project page to find out what happened.
Finished...sort of.

Sorry about the bad picture, this was snapped from a video camera. Funny story too, check the project page to find out what happened.
Finished...sort of....
The side panel of the case has lots of horrible looking wires and junk attached to it using any adhesive I could get my hands on.

See the project page for more info.
The side panel of th...
MB tray fits perfectly, still.

See the project page for more info.
MB tray fits perfect...
I thought a darker, blurrier angle would do the case justice but apparently it just makes things worse.

See the project page for more info.
I thought a darker, ...
You can't tell from this picture, but I've estapol-ed the whole case. Apparently that's supposed to protect it somehow. 

Also, from this shot you can see how I've tried to 'flow' the tenticles from the front to the sides. 

See the project page for more info.
You can't tell from ...
Painting of completed! It some ways, I completely screwed up the stencil work, just because I couldn't be bothered going to the store and buying masking paper, but the more you look at it the less crap it looks. Really!

See the project page for more info.
Painting of complete...
I finally got all the parts in the mail. Are you supposed to spend this much on case modding? I don't know, but I having so much fun. Here's what's in the box: 

2 x  	Round Single IDE Device Cables 10" - Red
11 x 	Fan Screws - #4 X 3/8" Stainless Steel - Set of 4 
2 x 	Evercool Fan Speed Controller
1 x 	*** NEW *** Premium Rubber Feet for PC Cases (4/pkg) - UV Red
2 x 	Aerocool Silver Lightning Silent White 120mm LED Fan - Sleeved
  - Sleeve Color: Red
  - Heatshrink Color: Red
11 x 	Channel Molding - Large
2 x 	A.C. Ryan Meshx FanGuard 120mm - Silver
2 x 	A.C. Ryan Meshx FanGuard 80mm - Silver
4 x 	Ultra Bright Pure White LEDs - 5MM
  - Resistor: Add 470 Ohm Resistor
1 x 	A.C. Ryan TWIN Overboost Dual 4" CCFL Light - UV 
2 x 	Hard Disk Drive Anti-Vibration Screws - 4 Pack 
2 x 	Aerocool Silver Lightning Silent White 80mm LED Fan - Sleeved
  - Sleeve Color: Red
  - Heatshrink Color: Red
I finally got all th...
I changed around the art idea for the case. The sketch I did earlier was a little reminiscent of flames, and that's getting a little old now, so I changed it to...tentacles! It looks cool, trust me. I doubt you'll be able to find tentacles on any other case. So the shot above is of both panels, painted. One of them has the stencil stuck on. I can't paint right away though because the weather is horrible at the moment, and the paint won't dry properly.
I changed around the...
These are the side panels, cut from a large sheet of good quality 3mm MDF and primed for painting.
These are the side p...
New idea, and I need input from ATM members. I'll make up some kick ass stencil and spray paint it white.
New idea, and I need...
About 5 coats of scarlet red spray paint later...
About 5 coats of sca...
"prime-d and ready!"
"prime-d and re...
Finished sanding.
Finished sanding....
I had to fill in those gaps by pushing the car putty all the way in. Now it's nice 'n...fill-ed.
I had to fill in tho...
Just bogged it up. It's going to a pain to sand.
Just bogged it up. I...
Ahhhhh!! I knew it was made out of some kind of wood, but not 3 different freaking kinds!!
Ahhhhh!! I knew it w...
After the stabbing process...oh, I mean cutting. Sorry, I get those two mixed up all the time.

Okay, well some people said no intake (no holes at all on the front) and others said it looked better. The idea of a case with nothing on the front is appealing, but it wasn't the plan for this mod.
After the stabbing p...
Salvaged for the chassis.
Salvaged for the cha...
New mid-atx case. This is before I stripped it down.
New mid-atx case. Th...
3D Model in Google SketchUp. I had heaps of placement issue, especially with the PSU, which is that fat red box next the the I/O hole.
3D Model in Google S...
Concept art.
Concept art....
This is actually a shelf.
This is actually a s...

Title: Wii Nunchuck Mod
Created: 25.09.2007 08:22
Simple mod.


Idea from:

Dark shot. Little risk, high gain. Less stressful than chipping the Wii thats for sure.
Dark shot. Little ri...
I modded two Nunchucks. Really nice finish.
I modded two Nunchuc...
Tested it before screwing it back together.
Tested it before scr...

Title: First Case Mod
Created: 14.08.2007 17:17
My first case mod. Saw a tutorial on how to make a blowhole and taught myself the rest.
Yeah, this beast is ready to play Half Life 2 on medium graphics...ooohhh yeah.

the blowhole was cut using a hole saw. Then I stuck some pvc pipe in there, patched it up with some car putty (filler, bog, whatever), and sanded it etc...painted...

Then I put a grill in the back and an 80 mm trans-blue led fan. For some stupid reason I didn't think to make the blowhole BIGGER, or just make more but HEY, this is my first mod. I can't beat myself up about it too much.

Oh yeah, and it looks kickass.
Yeah, this beast is ...
In the dark. I need more money to get nicer looking cables. 

AMD 64 3500+ 939
512 Kingmax 333 ram
Radeon 9550 (overclocked, still crap though)
MBAbit UGuru something or other

I can't remember the rest. That'll do.
In the dark. I need ...
Some power supply, I donno, maybe 500w, i can't remember. But it's fan lights up, and that's pretty friggin sweet.
Some power supply, I...