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Age: 28
Location: Bremen

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Uploaded: 02.05.2007 16:17
Categories: Full case

mofupo - Two (!) LEDs in action in a dark room.

Two (!) LEDs in action in a dark room.

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25.01.2009 01:10 alfonsI translated it myself ;)
20.01.2009 17:10 Jipamofupo: that makes no sense at all :) Ok enough with random languages and lets just stick with English...
20.01.2009 16:50 KapperiSehr gut (not babel fish):DD
20.01.2009 16:45 mofupo@alfons Did you use Babel Fish finnish ->english ->german? Or did you translate it yourself? I've always thought the finnish education system is so good :D Let me also have a try: ja nyt he aloittaa puhua englanniksi, eli minš rikkoa kaikki sauna. :D
20.01.2009 15:19 BoikaThis message chain is turning more and more to Epic
20.01.2009 07:20 jumatusewat :D
20.01.2009 01:50 lossdriverer :
20.01.2009 01:20 spekkaTher : /
19.01.2009 23:11 laurilrLeather :|
19.01.2009 21:29 HaoKi"or i'll rip your leather pants"
19.01.2009 21:04 Jipa"speak english or I'll rip my leather trousers"? :D
19.01.2009 20:25 alfonsund jetzt sie start sprechen englisch, oder ich will rippen euer lederhosen! :DP
19.01.2009 17:42 spekkaWeight?
18.10.2007 23:01 rikhardothats very cool :P
02.05.2007 18:25 patrickzwei LED's? wo und wie hast du sie verbaut?