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Title: yellowcase
Created: 21.08.2007 20:12
randomly modded over a long period of time.
So I "finished" my old case project for asm '08 and will be with it at D5/1. I never made this case votable, but I think that it is to be done now. I hope that I will be posting my new properly planned project here soon.
So I "finished&...
So here is the (re)painted frontpanel. It still misses leds, switches and a blowhole behind the fan.
So here is the (re)p...
So much done but still so much to do... What you can't see from the picture is the noise suppressing layer around the case. What you can see is the paintjob, new fingerguard and the new fans. Now just to find some yellow cathodes.
So much done but sti...