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Uploaded: 02.01.2009 00:12
Categories: Full case

nano - the insides of the computer.

the insides of the computer.

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04.07.2010 14:51 nanough. specs. 8800gt with thermalright passive cooler. some intel 45nm 3ghz cpu with noctua 92mm cooler w/o fans. pwr: CoolerMaster Silent Pro. noctua fans are very quiet. 90% the noise in my case comes from the front mesh.
04.07.2010 14:37 sonofkikkomanthis would be a dream machine for me because of the passive cooling! could you list some specs? are those noctua fans? i need to get some and resistors too cause i dont want to drive my fans at 12 volts. are these noctuas noisy with 12 volts?
21.04.2010 20:35 rikkei will tidy up the wires when i have time and zipties
12.04.2010 10:12 VirusaIt's so damn clean. no wire mess at all. Nice job.
11.04.2010 23:43 BuilderiI love this soooo much
21.06.2009 22:57 eeetuuhThank you :p nice this ur pc air flow :D
19.06.2009 11:42 eeetuuh:P cool. magic wires!
02.01.2009 23:22 nanounfortunately the front mesh causes some noise and I will have to change it at some point
02.01.2009 23:11 Voryonplenty of them in the pic =) but non in the way of airflow, wery nice and clean, probably reeaally quiet aswell =)
02.01.2009 21:30 vikiWires, anyone ?
02.01.2009 09:35 CaineHoly shit where are the wires? :O
02.01.2009 00:42 DJanneThat is so cool! Wish I have a one.