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Uploaded: 01.08.2010 22:27
Categories: Full case

nano - wire management.

wire management.

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03.08.2010 22:47 nanopractise makes perfect.
03.08.2010 22:30 BenaHStill it's ten times better than my orginazation
03.08.2010 21:36 nanoyes, it is the schytes fan speed, I was just a bit lazy with the wires this time...
03.08.2010 21:30 BenaHBTW. I just noticed that 4-pin fan connector going under the HDD? Is it for the Scythe or what?
02.08.2010 19:33 BenaHOh then... That's awful loud, if it's 45db
02.08.2010 12:06 nanoschyte ultra kaze 3000 is rated 45dB @ coolputer. I have a switch to toggle it into "silent mode".
02.08.2010 12:00 BenaHNano: Get a quieter fan if Scythe's is too loud. :D I can not see how that could be loud. I have stock Twelve Hundred with 5x120mm and 250mm on the top and still it's quite quiet to my ears. :D Only thing what is annoyingly loud is the 7800GT backup card.
02.08.2010 11:29 nanonot as quiet as my last case since this has a schyte fan and a corsair psu, but I can live with it.
02.08.2010 10:10 Eerolooks brilliant, and I bet it's silent enough :)
02.08.2010 09:32 Cainethats something..quite unique