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Title: Xbox Crystal pc case
Created: 16.09.2010 23:15
Modified Mini-ITX conputer inside of old xbox.
Xbox mini-ITX pc
P4 HT SL96H 3.6Ghz
2Gb Kingston ram
Commel LV-672
Asus Geforce 210
160 GB HDD
350W Hec
Xbox mini-ITX pc...
Testing my xbox mini-ITX pc.
Minecraft runs all maxed and other good lan games are running smoothly.
Testing my xbox mini...
I failed  flashing xbox bios so I'm bulding Mini-ITX pc inside of it's casing.
I failed flashing x...

Title: Home Theatre PC
Created: 23.11.2008 21:11
HTPC Project
Cover opened.
Cover opened....
Backside with power, optical drive and light switch.
Backside with power,...
Finally finished my wooden htpc case.
Finally finished my ...
Plan for wooden case
Plan for wooden case...
The victim for my wooden  htpc case project:
CPU: Intel P4 HT SL7E4  (3Ghz)
PSU: Compaq 240W
MB: Asus P4SD
HDD: Seagate 40GB
The victim for my wo...

Title: ASMS 2008 case
Created: 16.07.2008 23:36

Better photo of smoke pc with attached window and on this time without smoke.
-->Check Project
Better photo of smok...
Teh SmOkE Pc!
Intel & Fog machine inside.
--> Check project
Teh SmOkE Pc!...
This was the start point.
-->Check Project
This was the start p...

Title: Old case
Created: 02.07.2008 20:57
Pics of my old "flame case"
New fan hole
New fan hole...
My first casemod

Old hardware:
Mainboard: Asus CUV4X
Cpu: Intel Pentium 3 733Mhz
Ram: 223Mb
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200
Äänikortti/sound card: Creative Vibra16
HDD: Seagate 250GB
Operating system: Windows Xp
My first casemod...
Case and other pieces before mods.
Case and other piece...

Title: Power Supply Mod
Created: 18.12.2007 13:55
I modded psu to front of my case cause it conceals huge area of plexi window if its on stock place.
Air hole cutted and srew holes drilled
Air hole cutted and ...
I mod my powersupply cause i put it to front of my computer.
I'm sorry about picture quality. (It's taken by phone)
Sry my bad eng..
I mod my powersupply...

Title: Skype phone project
Created: 18.10.2007 23:10

Skype phone modded to old desk phone.

Commnets and ratings..
Skype phone modded t...

Title: Random photos
Created: 29.09.2007 17:26
I'm going to hook up raspberry to my car. Just got my mobile broadband and xbox ir-remote working on raspbmc. I'm interested about adding some more interfaces. Maybe OBD2?
I'm going to hook up...
Some tuning of cheap Biltema flashlight...
- 50 W 24 V 4000 lumen LED from Dealextreme
- tiny cooling fan
- 2x 12V 1,2 Ah lead acid batteries
- Switch for parallel/series (series in use and parallel for 12 V charger)
- DC-connector for charger
- 555-timer circuit for epileptic strobe effects :D (Adjustable flash speed with potentiometer, pulsewidth trimmer onboard)
Some tuning of cheap...
Some metal work with cases.
I took photo with new EOS 600D.
Some metal work with...
I painted my pomi case (P4 &1Gb DDR inside).
I painted my pomi ca...
Some CPUs.. 
1. Intel Pentium 100MhZ
2. Intel Pentium MMX 200MhZ
3. Intel Celeron SL68P 1.20GhZ
3. Intel Pentium 3 733Mhz [OC 825Mhz]
5. Intel Celeron D  2.60GhZ
6. AMD Athlon 4000+ X2 2.1GhZ [OC 2.7GhZ]
Some CPUs.. ...
Unfinished case project.

Ubuntu Home Server

OS: Ubuntu Server
Gpu: Ati Radeon 7000/VE
CPU: Intel Celeron 1200Mhz
HDD: WD800JB (80GB)
Psu: Hec 250W
(This case before i saw sandpaper http://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=2973&id=4092)
Unfinished case proj...
Xbox Crystal 1.6 with some leds and muppet-x modchip.
Xbox Crystal 1.6 wit...

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Some new toys:
Xigmatek Midgard White Knight case
HD 6870 1Gb
Kingston 64 Gb SSD
Some new toys:...
Another picture of my gaming pc.
Another picture of m...
Old case.
Old case.
Asus P5Q
Asus P5Q
My toys.
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz
4Gb kingston 800mhz
Asus P5Q
My toys.
Chrome paint.... :)
Chrome paint.... :)...
My new and old case...  (Quality sucks cause i took this pic with my Nokia 6121)
My new and old case....