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Age: 27
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 23.01.2009 00:11
Categories: Full case

NiBa - Plan for wooden case

Plan for wooden case

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11.09.2009 17:19 NiBaI will finish this at monday.
31.05.2009 11:08 nixarithere's some mini amps: http://www.jj-tuonti.com/vahvistimet-kanavaiset-c-32_79.html
28.05.2009 21:24 NiBalossdriver: Yea Thats true.
28.05.2009 20:56 lossdriverThe end result of wooden cases are huge and heavy, I made one and what a monster it became :D
27.05.2009 17:49 Hebitaksseems so beta that ill probably stay with vista, tried it and its pretty fine....no bsods :D
23.01.2009 01:03 JipaMeasure twice, cut once :) I tried to make a wooden case when I was still in elementary school, but never got it finished. Try to avoid quick decissions, they always failed in my project. Your design looks simplier than the one I had so you should be able to actually make it...
23.01.2009 00:14 NiBaThis plan is still so raw. Actually this shows just size and dimensions.