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Title: CPUs
Created: 04.11.2007 16:19

Here is pAbn's QX9650 which I lapped for him.
Here is pAbn's QX965...
I lapped Jipa's E6750 :)
I lapped Jipa's E675...
Got bored... E6850 is missing, also newer E8500 ;(
Got bored... E6850 i...
E8500 :) Pretty nice one 'cuz the guy who sold this to me overclocked this beast to 5,67GHz with cascade ;)

Unfortunately I had to lap C2D again and you know why.

And Zippo ofc ;)
E8500 :) Pretty nice...
My current CPU, E8400 which I just lapped =)
My current CPU, E840...
My first Core 2 Duo, E4300 :). 
Nowadays I'm using Intel Core 2 Duo E6850.
My first Core 2 Duo,...