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Title: Watercooling
Created: 11.11.2007 00:18
Watercooling loops
13/19mm+Apogee GT = >:|
13/19mm+Apogee GT = ...
Lapped Swiftech MCW30.
Lapped Swiftech MCW3...
Heh.. Lifetime protection against corrosion eh..?
Apogee GTX is ~9 months old.
Heh.. Lifetime prote...
Some block I got for free when I bought TT Kandalf.

There is some dirt on the block.. :( Altough it looks much nicer than before lapping.

There were (is) a few deep scratches on the block so it would take several hours to lap those scratches off.. No thanks..
Some block I got for...
I changed my E8500 to Q6600 and money. I had no working computer for one day, so here is the result... 

Lapped Apogee GTX
I changed my E8500 t...
My new water cooling.
Antec Three Hundred
Swiftech Apogee GTX
Swiftech MCP655-B
Alphacool Nexxxos 360mm rad
Thermaltake Aquabay M6.

E8400 24/7 4,12GHz, temperature 30-52C
My new water cooling...