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Title: Screen stand
Created: 10.03.2013 10:27

The boxes are now painted with Helmi furniture paint and fitted to their places.  Seems to fit pretty nicely.
The boxes are now pa...
Accessories for the project.
Accessories for the ...
I'm going to build some stowage under the screen stand using Bauhaus' wooden boxes (400x300x240).
The boxes will also give some support for the big board, so it won't become curved.
I'm going to build s...
I built a stand for the silver screen using 40 mm x 40 mm aluminum. The white board is bought from Ikea, and its dimensions are 2000 mm x 600 mm. 

The legs are temporary and I'll replace them with aluminum ones. Also I have to hide the cables.

Behind the sceeen I installed RGB LED strip.
I built a stand for ...