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Uploaded: 29.02.2008 14:14
Categories: Other Computer Components

laurilr - My current CPU, E8400 which I just lapped =)

My current CPU, E8400 which I just lapped =)

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17.08.2008 14:26 laurilrNope, sold. This E8500 is pretty nice, 5637MHz with cascade (1,98V :D). Lets see if I can reach 4,7GHz-> with watercooling. s0lid just should sell his mems to me ;)
17.08.2008 13:46 pAbnYou still have that E8400? ;)
17.08.2008 13:12 Ethossad :( but now im going to Biltema !
17.08.2008 13:07 laurilrAnd I will do this for my E8500 I got yesterday. I thought that E8500 is not working cuz the computer didn't post. The reason was a freakin' bad contact between CPU-block and CPU :|
17.08.2008 12:24 Ethosi will do this same to my E7200 hope my temps will get little better :)
04.08.2008 21:31 verruokey thanks
04.08.2008 15:13 laurilr320, 600, 800, 1200, 2000
04.08.2008 14:52 verruWhat kind of papers did you use?
01.03.2008 01:13 laurilrI think this is the glossiest CPU I have lapped :D I finished this with original A4-copying paper ;)
29.02.2008 23:44 YoshiIt shines :)
29.02.2008 23:44 YoshiKiiltää kiiltää :)
29.02.2008 15:57 laurilrjust 3,6ghz with air at the moment but i'm going to get higher. When i had water clocks were 4ghz and i'm pretty sure i'm getting those clocks with air too.
29.02.2008 14:21 vikiThat nice :) What are the clocks ?