Nick: laurilr  Info
Age: 31
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 29.07.2008 14:11
Categories: Full case | Cooling

laurilr - My new water cooling.Antec Three HundredSwiftech Apogee GTXSwiftech MCP655-BAlphacool Nexxxos 360mm radThermaltake Aquabay M6.E8

My new water cooling.
Antec Three Hundred
Swiftech Apogee GTX
Swiftech MCP655-B
Alphacool Nexxxos 360mm rad
Thermaltake Aquabay M6.

E8400 24/7 4,12GHz, temperature 30-52C

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17.08.2008 02:25 Ethoshmm, maybe i should put my rad like this if buy 300 too :) cheap case :P can you use second DVI port ?
14.08.2008 08:12 laurilrYes I can do it later
13.08.2008 22:36 Ethoswheres ur powercable ? can u take some pics from behind ?
30.07.2008 20:04 laurilrYes, that is HD 4870 :P
30.07.2008 13:10 DJanneIs that HD 4870?
29.07.2008 23:03 laurilrHm.. one more Nexus? :o
29.07.2008 18:48 nanowhat noctuas are those and why are they blowing inwards? :)
29.07.2008 15:04 HaoKiHeh...You really should get 1 more nexus...:P