Nick: laurilr  Info
Age: 31
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 10.08.2008 13:31
Categories: Game controllers

laurilr - Logitech G25 :)There is a LOLLERI-sticker on the space bar ;D

Logitech G25 :)

There is a LOLLERI-sticker on the space bar ;D

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14.10.2008 14:35 DJanneYes, I'm kind of interested. Add ma_linen@hotmail.com to your messenger...
20.09.2008 20:05 remuxilionoh, thats nice :0
12.08.2008 18:30 JiikaxNice gaming area :)
12.08.2008 18:26 laurilr22", Samsung 226BW
12.08.2008 17:44 lallan719" or 22" wide?
10.08.2008 21:56 aMigagief those!:D I have Mikkeysoft Sidewinter precision -set.... old as hell:)
10.08.2008 19:28 laurilrYea, there are clutch and H-shifter :) Not every game supports H-shifter/clutch. Just all newer games and simulators.
10.08.2008 18:02 YarikoUmm... No? NFSU2 dosen't or Most Wanted.. If I just remember right.
10.08.2008 17:16 DJanneEverey game that supports racing wheel.
10.08.2008 16:21 YarikoOh my god there is clutch o.O How many games support clutch?
10.08.2008 16:17 laurilrYep, so great game. Even it's freakin' difficult :D
10.08.2008 15:23 HaoKiRBR Really is the best rally-game ever...:)
10.08.2008 15:15 laurilrI played before I had G25. GRID is too arcade to play with these toys ^^. GTR2, LFS S2, RBR Rally and sometimes Test Drive Unlimited.
10.08.2008 14:49 ToymachineDo u play race driving GRID?