Nick: laurilr  Info
Age: 31
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 06.02.2009 11:25
Categories: Other Computer Components

laurilr - Lame.


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09.02.2009 09:21 ErrtuVoryon: Job isn't enough if you need to buy your own food, living, car, clothes, etc. 500 is really too much for the component that is going to cost half of that in 3-6months.
06.02.2009 18:18 pAbnNice score O_O
06.02.2009 17:58 laurilr23021 @ 3DM06. Waiting for higher score... Jipa is still hiding in the bushes.
06.02.2009 17:34 rippewell did Jipa come and visit you? :D
06.02.2009 17:26 rippeomg :D
06.02.2009 17:10 laurilrI think I just saw Jipa outside.. I think he is trying to hide in the bushes..
06.02.2009 16:58 Akamesexy <3
06.02.2009 16:56 pAbnI also know where you live. ..Ok I dont, but you won't have that card tomorrow. ..Just have to make it before Jipa..
06.02.2009 16:52 Voryon500e card aint rly that much =P get a job hehe
06.02.2009 16:33 laurilr295 lol
06.02.2009 16:22 KoisaajaAh gtx 290 <3 i have same : )
06.02.2009 15:36 CaineHmm, okey :P
06.02.2009 15:26 laurilrIt's supposed to be focused on the GTX-text :). Caine, I buy and sell stuff. I earned 120 in two weeks by changing phones and pc hardware ^^
06.02.2009 15:00 pertti85nicely focused picture, just to gtx text.
06.02.2009 14:30 JipaI know where you live. You won't have that card tomorrow.
06.02.2009 14:06 rippe''porvari''?
06.02.2009 12:41 CaineHow in the hell you get so much money to buy these, If I would got I couldnt waste it on GPU's :S
06.02.2009 11:41 ErrtuNice quality on pic.