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Uploaded: 10.05.2009 17:01
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laurilr - This is how HD4870 is cooled. Cool and quiet :)Core @ 870MHz, temp (idle/load): 31C/39C.It's amazing how cool GPU is because t

This is how HD4870 is cooled. Cool and quiet :)
Core @ 870MHz, temp (idle/load): 31C/39C.
It's amazing how cool GPU is because there is CPU block before GPU block so GPU gets warm water.

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12.05.2009 08:54 JipaWaaah I miss my own green tentacle monster already :D Two more weeks...
11.05.2009 22:33 pAbnImo that green is damn awesome 8)
11.05.2009 16:19 HaoKiDidn't say it was the best place to get it ;) Just posted the link as it was the first one that I found with the black coolant :D
11.05.2009 08:21 laurilrWay too pricey ;) http://www.chilledpc.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?cPath=67_80&products_id=249
11.05.2009 00:33 HaoKihttp://www.aquatuning.de/product_info.php/info/p3747_Fluid-XP--Extreme-Phantom-Black--32oz--944ml.html ;) Here ya go!
11.05.2009 00:03 YarikoBlack/Dark would be sick, haven't seen black/dark probably never on watercooling.
10.05.2009 23:49 laurilrTube is transparent, liquid is green. I didn't have orange or red liquid. Of course I could change that liquid. Black or orange would be cool.
10.05.2009 22:09 YarikoI don't get this "I scare to OC my PC", it's not possible to kill it if you don't give it too much voltage, I haven't heared never that someone has broken CPU, GPU or RAM with too much frequenzy. And watercooling is never overkill, it's silent normally :) Why you use green-colour in tubes, wouldn't orange or red be better, matching the GPU or MoBo connectors :)
10.05.2009 20:32 laurilrYea but watercooling is pretty universal so you can use your watercooling in your next computer also. E8600 @4,5GHz 24/7 40C/60C now 8)
10.05.2009 19:51 BenaHHmm... I like that. :D I wish I could get watercooler. :( But for a 9800GTX+ and Athlon X2 3800+ it's a bit overkill to get one, because I am not going overclock my GPU and I don't know how to overclock my CPU safely... :/ Well, at least I cannot say that I killed my computer with massive clocks. :D
10.05.2009 18:49 CaineAwesome
10.05.2009 18:49 verruNext update for my computer is going to be watercooling. Hate that noise coming from HD4870
10.05.2009 17:39 laurilr3DMark06 passed @ 920/1105MHz :) Core didn't even reach 40C (38,5C was the highest temperature during 3DMark).