Nick: laurilr  Info
Age: 31
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 26.07.2009 12:32
Categories: Full case | Cooling

laurilr - New tubes :) Masterkleer 13/19mm.

New tubes :) Masterkleer 13/19mm.

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27.07.2009 17:20 lossdriverI didn't mean the whole case, only the side panel (that I can make a replacement of it from plexi glass) :)
27.07.2009 14:50 Voryonhttp://www.nexustek.nl/NXS-nexusversion1silentsystem.htm
27.07.2009 13:01 lossdriversame thing.. mine is in Espoo and I'm in Kuopio :D Anyone else who has a caterpillar case? :P
27.07.2009 12:49 laurilrUnfortunately, I can't... Rig is in Rovaniemi and I'm in Oulu..
27.07.2009 11:35 lossdrivercould you take measurements from the side panel for me? I'm not at my apartment and I need to prepare a mod ;) thanks!
26.07.2009 16:06 Akamethis is nice :p
26.07.2009 12:53 laurilrI'm working on it ;)
26.07.2009 12:45 JipaJust two more pics to hide the last freaking moped. Please!