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Uploaded: 06.10.2009 20:45
Categories: Full case

laurilr - Back to air cooling. Tomorrow I'll get Thermalright IFX-14.

Back to air cooling. Tomorrow I'll get Thermalright IFX-14.

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09.10.2009 11:07 willek400 is quite smooth. :) I would start with rough grit no matter how good/bad the ihs was, just to save time.
08.10.2009 21:46 laurilrMm yea. Usually the roughest grit I use is 400. In the CPU-lapping article that I made for Metku.net I used 400/600/1200. I used 180 to get results quickly but it seems that the IHS is veeery bad because it takes so long to make it flat with 180 :/
08.10.2009 21:34 willekYou should start with rougher grit, say 80 or so, sand it flat, and then use smoother and smoother grits to finish.
08.10.2009 21:05 laurilrIntel Core i7 920 @3,8GHz (HT on) 36-39°C idle, Prime95-load 66-69°C. IHS really sucks, I've lapped it for 15-20 minutes with sandpaper (180) but it's still not straight enough.. My hands hurt :|
08.10.2009 20:53 BenaHThat cooler sure looks interesting. :D How is it performing?
08.10.2009 20:03 laurilrUpdated: http://koti.mbnet.fi/lauri_lr/kuvat/ifx142.png
07.10.2009 13:11 Voryoni switched back to air aswell and maby selling my watercooling, watercooling for E8500 @ 4,2ghz was bit overkill
07.10.2009 10:08 Jyka95That's still cool case. Also very clean setup.
06.10.2009 23:46 Jipalaurilr: forget it :D P180BJSSWCE is a hedfuk royalé. I have a rad-mount ready now... Still a lot to do.
06.10.2009 22:19 verrunice and clean
06.10.2009 22:03 laurilrYea that was an opinion (and still is). I've been thinking that I could start a P182+watercooling -procject.
06.10.2009 21:57 s0lidWell i ordered LGA1366 mounting plate for apogee from Duniek at XS, it did cost about 9e shipped so not that bad prize :P
06.10.2009 21:53 laurilrWell I sold my LGA775-hardware and bought LGA1366-motherboard etc. CPU-block I was using wasn't compatible to LGA1366 and I didn't want to order a new CPU-block yet.
06.10.2009 21:30 nanowhat made you change back? I'm curious cause I've never got to watercooling