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Age: 33
Location: Kokkola



Title: Hand made mousepad
Created: 09.09.2009 15:32

I made mousepad at work from leather.. the top of the pad is elk leather.. Very soft and comfortable. The mouse moves pretty good, i have to test more in games etc. I haven't seen any mousepad that is made from genuine leather so i decided to make pad from leather. This is only prototype. I think ill test  another  materials and leather to another pads.
I made mousepad at w...

Title: Skyforger
Created: 15.08.2009 14:10

@ the setup.
@ the setup....
Scythe setsugen installed to Ati HD5870
Scythe setsugen inst...
Teaser of new set 8>
Teaser of new set 8&...

Title: Cm storm sniper
Created: 24.02.2009 22:25
ma newh friend ~~Aozora no namida~~
Some update:

XSPC X2O 750 Pump station
OCZ DDR2 PC2-9600 Flex EX XLC 2x2GB 
MSI 280 GTX Super Oc & HEATKILLER® GPU-X² G200 Waterblock.

Have to run some 3dmark to see how it goes~~

(note in the picture, not the final installation)
Some update:...
new servant
new servant...
Magnificent ^^
Magnificent ^^...
Filled up, radiator @ the top
Filled up, radiator ...

Title: Autohifi
Created: 18.05.2008 22:47

Audio update (:
Audio update (:...

Title: Scythe Orochi
Created: 10.04.2008 00:00
Monster O.O
well, it isn't a little one :p
well, it isn't a lit...

Title: Ipod touch 16gb
Created: 28.02.2008 15:34
Ma newh ipod o/
Ipod touch

Whee. I got it yesterday :)
Ipod touch

Title: Watercooling etc.
Created: 13.02.2008 21:26
Water toys
~~Alphacool minicube 600~~

For sale, unused. (:
~~Alphacool minicube...
Ek supreme lt
Ek supreme lt...
8800GTX & Swiftech Stealth
8800GTX & Swifte...
Ek Supreme
Ek Supreme

Title: Antec P190
Created: 04.12.2007 19:37
Q6700 @ 4.0Ghz
Maximus Formula
Dominator 1066mhz 6gb
GTX 260 55nm
Cool's with water
Well quality whores : D here it is with better picture quality!
Well quality whores ...
GTX 260 55nm | Q6700 @ 4GHz | Dominator 4GB 1066Mhz @ 1150Mhz | Maximus Formula
GTX 260 55nm | Q6700...
Ati HD2900 XTX @ Crossfire 8)
Ati HD2900 XTX @ Cro...
Some update.. again. Corsair Dominator 2x2gb + 2x1gb 1066Mhz ddr2 and dominator airflow fan 8-D
Some update.. again....
Some update.
Some update....
Well, no more intel stock cooler :p
Well, no more intel ...

Title: Antec 900
Created: 07.11.2007 21:37
Old case
vaiheessa aikoinaan
vaiheessa aikoinaan ...
Antec 900
Antec 900

Title: CM stacker 830 evo
Created: 07.11.2007 21:24
CM stacker 830 evo "Lunatic Moon"
8800GTX, 2x2gb ram, sb x-fi fatal1ty, E6600 @ 3ghz
my stacker atm. ^^ What do u like? :p
my stacker atm. ^^ W...
Leaving from LAN
Leaving from LAN ...
Samsung 226BW, Logitech G15
Samsung 226BW, Logit...
Coolermaster stacker 830 evo
Bequiet 700w psu
Intel c2d E6600 @ 3ghz
Asus maximus formula se x38
G.skill 2x2gb ddr2 6400
Evga 8800GTX acs3 oc
SB x-fi fatal1ty 
TT bigwater 745
HDD 250+400+320+160
Razer copperhead + Razer Control Mantis + G15
Razer HP-1 5.1
Samsung 226BW + Fujitsu Siemens L22W
Coolermaster stacker...

Default album
Greets from china :-D
Greets from china :-...
Ati Radeon HD2900XT 1Gb ~~Antique~~
Ati Radeon HD2900XT ...
Killer on the loose!
Killer on the loose!...
My corner 8D new. Zepto 42" pantheon full hd. awesome to play ps3 with it 8>
My corner 8D new. Ze...
Some Q6700 overclocking 8) This is just beginning :p
Some Q6700 overclock...
Well, Q9300 installed ;> 3.15Ghz @ all settings auto ^^' not bad :p
Well, Q9300 installe...
Siinä ne nyt sitten on.. 22" wide +22" wide =44" ;)  Resolution 3360*1050
sori paska kuvanlaatu, puhelimella otettu
Siinä ne nyt sitten ...
vanhempaa kuvaa, tuossa missä tuo 22" fujitsu siemens on niin siinä on Samsung 226BW ja tuon 17" acerin tilalla on 22" fujitsu siemens L22W :)
vanhempaa kuvaa, tuo...
uusi ja vanha renki :)
uusi ja vanha renki ...