Nick: Akame  Info
Age: 32
Location: Kokkola



Uploaded: 15.04.2008 20:06
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Akame - Well, no more intel stock cooler :p

Well, no more intel stock cooler :p

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05.08.2008 20:48 DJanneHow did you put those wires? Can you tell?
16.04.2008 17:38 pAbnWHOOPS XD sorries :D Mean Scythe of course :D
16.04.2008 17:15 Akameorochi wasn't installed to this rig. so it wasnt.
16.04.2008 16:28 viki... that what I meaned was is the Orochi in the computer... and its not :D
16.04.2008 16:22 laurilrZalman doesn't have any Orochi, Scythe does :D And that is clearly Noctua
16.04.2008 16:13 JipaZalman Orochi? Double nonsense. It even says Noctua on top of that thing. Or did viki possibly mean that is Orochi hidden outside the image somewhere? :)
16.04.2008 15:41 pAbnmehhahha.. :S If you mean zalman orochi, then you are sooo wroong >.<
16.04.2008 14:36 alfonsthat is not orochi.. if you asked that
16.04.2008 14:22 vikiThere is orochi, am I right :P ??
16.04.2008 00:17 JipaYeah he said on another image that it's a GTX and the whole card would be hidden if it was GX2... And the power connectors would be on top of each other and.. and..
15.04.2008 21:44 laurilrI think that is 8800 GTX
15.04.2008 21:38 rippethat one's quiet :) is that 9800gt gx2?