Nick: Akame  Info
Age: 32
Location: Kokkola



Uploaded: 19.01.2009 20:26
Categories: Other Computer Components

Akame - Ati Radeon HD2900XT 1Gb ~~Antique~~

Ati Radeon HD2900XT 1Gb ~~Antique~~

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12.02.2009 20:36 Akameehehee wii4ever.. none left now. New hardware ordered.. evga gtx295, foxconn blood rage x58, Intel core i7 940. I haven't choose the mems yet.
12.02.2009 20:19 wii4everI wanna buy one of those :) 20 :D
12.02.2009 19:59 chalinAkame: I dont think that those are baddest..what about the HD2600xx ? :D
12.02.2009 19:56 chalinyes..in times when the GTX295 is the king...but this one is still my love ;-)
21.01.2009 08:49 CaineI'm not sure, I might buy HD4850 1GB :P
20.01.2009 21:17 Akamebaddest in hd series but still more powerfull than your gpu :p U wanna buy this? :D
20.01.2009 21:10 CaineThey suck?
20.01.2009 20:07 Akame:-D
20.01.2009 20:05 laurilrCuz the flames are so cool ;)
20.01.2009 20:00 JipaWhy on earth would you want to buy a HD2900XT?
20.01.2009 19:49 AkameFrom me, 100e + shipping : >
20.01.2009 19:47 CaineWhere I can buy one of these and how much it costs? :o
20.01.2009 03:47 bluebrighti love those flames...