Nick: Akame  Info
Age: 32
Location: Kokkola



Uploaded: 15.08.2009 14:22
Categories: Other Computer Components

Akame - Teaser of new set 8>

Teaser of new set 8>

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16.08.2009 20:57 Jealousyit sure is a little bit of work to oc these new i7,atleast compared to the s775 stuff
16.08.2009 19:49 Akamei think 4ghz is my goal. doh i have friend that does the oc for me ^^ coz i don't know these i7 machinery's :<
16.08.2009 18:22 laurilrYup, little OC, not massive :P
16.08.2009 16:57 AkameSomething little ;>
16.08.2009 16:02 BenaHRampage? Are you going to have a massive OC there?
15.08.2009 18:50 HaoKiAh... Thought this was something more... Oh well..
15.08.2009 17:43 AkameJust hardware.
15.08.2009 16:28 JipaHaoKi: Good one :D
15.08.2009 15:54 HaoKiSome modded case or project coming? Or is this just a random picture of hardware...