Nick: Akame  Info
Age: 32
Location: Kokkola



Uploaded: 20.09.2009 17:28

Akame - Skyforger


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21.09.2009 08:59 Akameohop. little miscalculated.. ~~300 is the right price without the gpu blocks.
20.09.2009 22:41 laurilrStill 350 is way too high price..
20.09.2009 22:28 Akamewell, i have buyed them brand new so thats for the high price. lol for u late :p
20.09.2009 22:08 laurilr350 for watercooling you have there? I'd say lol..
20.09.2009 21:52 BenaHWhat? Haven't you noticed that I'm always ready to say and do dumb things?
20.09.2009 21:36 Akamebenah ^^
20.09.2009 21:35 Akamehmmm.. ill think that if u buy them in one packet, 350~~ for the part's that are now installed.. i didn't count the graphics card blocks
20.09.2009 21:32 BenaHCan I steal it? I just love nVidia green. :D Or anything green inside computer, I love it.
20.09.2009 20:58 verruhow much did that watercooling cost, all included.
20.09.2009 18:21 Akamehttp://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00016/4913951.jpg pic to the insides of the machina ^^
20.09.2009 18:19 Akamejeah. u can see part of it in the pic :)
20.09.2009 18:17 HaoKiExternal radiator?