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Age: 32



Title: Fin PC Mod
Created: 04.01.2008 03:07

1. Is the original circuit found via Google.
2. Is the idea for the circuit mod.
3. Is the final circuit adapted to my requests.

The C1 and C2 change the "appraise delay" of each led... A big value = More time needed for off the led
(The big capacitor (5.6mF) is a 5700uF (1100uF+4600uF))
1. Is the original c...
The beta circuit in test
The beta circuit in ...
The Beta Circuit :)
The Beta Circuit :)...
First Mod of my PC, the fin is for car, fade led effect made with a simple circuit found on the web (Astable Multivibrator) modified to reproduce the effect.

First Mod of my PC, ...