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Uploaded: 29.11.2007 10:30
Categories: Full case

Richi - FusionAA_16.jpg


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29.11.2007 15:47 YoshiHave you thought about covering the inside surfaces of panels with white paper etc to make those etchings stand out ?
29.11.2007 15:34 HochramA good work indeed, but as the others said the result it's too messy...
29.11.2007 15:12 HaoKiAll the criticism aside I really can see the time put into this and of course it's your case and it's great to see that you like it...:)
29.11.2007 10:59 JapalaFor some reason the etches do not stand out enough. All the tubing etc. are too visible compared to the real mod, the etching.
29.11.2007 10:58 HaoKiWell the etching really is first-class, but too much is too much... And full acrylic-cases really don't look good imho. They're impossible to assemble with out them looking messy. You always get a freaking mess of cables...
29.11.2007 10:40 Richicant please every one, all these panels were made by us apart from the mobo and back panel, and all the etching is all hand done. I love it tbh, but then it is my case :P
29.11.2007 10:32 drakminLots of logos thrown randomly over the case.. Girl is nicely done but otherwise it's lame and boring.