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Title: Project?
Created: 30.03.2010 16:27
What project?!
Sorry for removing the earlier picture and therefore the comments as well, but I decided to upload a better picture collage, with higher resolution version as well. :)

Higher res: http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv74/IcyAero/Update8V3.jpg
Sorry for removing t...
Size comparison to my current MIDI -sized Thermaltake Element S.
Size comparison to m...
It's finished! ... sort of. And it's my first 'official' mod. :)

It's been tough, stressful but also fun building this project. Problems always occur, but we concur them.
Not the best project, not the best case, not the prettiest but hey.. what can you expect from a first mod which was actually quite huge'ish.

Final dimensions: Length 48,5cm - Height 34,0cm - Width 19,5cm

More high resolution photos: http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv74/IcyAero/Update_Finished_Collage.jpg
(please notice the low quality of the photos due to the image size being restricted to 1Mb in PhotoBucket)
It's finished! ... s...
Some paint for the chassis.
Some paint for the c...
After few weeks of silence in the garage, it was time to update the project a bit. Attached all the structures together, solved the problem of attaching the motherboard tray from upper side and added the 5,25'' rack.
Base dimensions: 320x440x180 - in other words almost the exact size of my 19'' screen. :)
After few weeks of s...
Possible sketchup for a possible project. Nothing else has been decided yet expect that the case will base on my older leftover case Modecom Debut. Will start cutting the case into bits this Easter - unless I get distracted by something else... :p

The components inside are only for dimension reasons. Similiar components will not be used if the project goes well - atleast yet.
Possible sketchup fo...

Title: My Computer
Created: 21.02.2009 11:54

New case, Thermaltake Element S. Stil a wire mess :<
New case, Thermaltak...
New case, Thermaltake Element S. Still a wire mess :<
New case, Thermaltak...
New PC's parts for my new PC. The case doesn't show in the photo, so that old and ugly case behind the parts ain't the case. :D I will upload more pics when it have been builded. 

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GIGABYTE GeForce 8800GT 512Mb
2GB Buffalo RAM 800MHz
Cooler Master Real Power Modular 520W
NEXUS Ultra Silent 80mm fan, 2 pcs.
NEXUS Fan filter 80mm, 2pcs.
LG DVD-RW 20x (Soft Sata) 
Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard
New PC's parts for m...

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In need of a summer cooldown? No problem at all!
In need of a summer ...
My first memorystick mod. :P The memorystick was a real bargain I have to say. It is 4Gb, and it originally costed 19,95 euros. But with Plussakortti I got it for 8 euros. 8D 

So votes are welcome. :)
My first memorystick...