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Age: 29
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 07.07.2008 13:26
Categories: Other Computer Components

Eero - New PC's parts for my new PC. The case doesn't show in the photo, so that old and ugly case behind the parts ain't the case. :D

New PC's parts for my new PC. The case doesn't show in the photo, so that old and ugly case behind the parts ain't the case. :D I will upload more pics when it have been builded.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GIGABYTE GeForce 8800GT 512Mb
2GB Buffalo RAM 800MHz
Cooler Master Real Power Modular 520W
NEXUS Ultra Silent 80mm fan, 2 pcs.
NEXUS Fan filter 80mm, 2pcs.
LG DVD-RW 20x (Soft Sata)
Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard

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03.10.2008 21:37 TissuntassunI'm 17 :) and I study to electronics assembler(elektroniikka asentajaksi in finnish) in vocational school.
08.07.2008 19:44 Yoshii already got scared that you were going to cram that nice set into very crappy fujitsu case :/
08.07.2008 16:25 BoikaIm on same line with laurilr :D
08.07.2008 16:10 laurilrIt is just kinda stupid to buy a worse gfx if the price is almost the same.. Well.. not my money (luckily) ^^
08.07.2008 14:47 HaoKiI know both cards performance anyways...;)
08.07.2008 14:29 EeroThen google them. :P
08.07.2008 14:27 HaoKiReally can't compare the 2 cards from the links you gave...:)
08.07.2008 14:02 EeroActually 8800GT is very competitive with HD4850. Check the links for example: http://www.multitronic.fi/?prod=GV-NX88T512HP and http://multitronic.fi/showprod.php?prod_id=GV-R485-512H-B&b=1 And yes, I don't pay the bills in this house. But I did pay most of the parts.
08.07.2008 13:59 laurilrAnd it is a lot better than 8800 GT :P I doubt it's not you who pays the bills in your house ;) It eats just a little more than 8800 GT.
08.07.2008 13:48 EeroHD4850 costs 10 euros more than 8800GT. It also generates more heat and noice, and eats more electricity.
08.07.2008 13:33 laurilrWhy didn't you buy HD 4850? Ofc you are going to oc E8400 O_o
08.07.2008 07:27 ErrtuIn OC every component is individual, but I've read that P35 is better for OC than P45. HW control is better in P45 IMO.
07.07.2008 21:44 Penttipatentti(karvanopat) dont know what they are in english =D
07.07.2008 19:29 EeroWell, I'm not going to overclock the cpu.. atleast yet. :D
07.07.2008 19:01 Sevveyeah and E8400 is one of the easiest/best CPU:s to overclock (but not with the stock-cooler, hot hot hot..-.-)
07.07.2008 18:10 nixarithere's no big difference between p35 and p45 other than overclocking, but hey, who is NOT going to overclock?
07.07.2008 17:53 Sevvealfons, nothing´s wrong with it, but p5q just has a newer and better chipset. :] And Eero u should get a better cooler to the cpu (if ur gonna OC), intels stock cooler is just a piece of shit.
07.07.2008 16:52 alfonswhats wrong with ip35?
07.07.2008 13:41 EeroWell it's bit too late now. But I'm happy with these. :D
07.07.2008 13:31 Sevveu should have taken asus P5Q series instead of ip35, coz p5q has the new p45 chipset, and ip35 has the older p35:DD otherwise nice set:D