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Age: 29
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 30.03.2010 16:33
Categories: Full case | Single case mods

Eero - Possible sketchup for a possible project. Nothing else has been decided yet expect that the case will base on my older leftover

Possible sketchup for a possible project. Nothing else has been decided yet expect that the case will base on my older leftover case Modecom Debut. Will start cutting the case into bits this Easter - unless I get distracted by something else... :p

The components inside are only for dimension reasons. Similiar components will not be used if the project goes well - atleast yet.

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28.04.2010 16:38 hevinallethis is almost the same idea as my project ... meaning: I will stand off the hard drive and install a hard drive, cd drive rack. because the computer case is so old that it fit in with modern graphics cards ... :)
01.04.2010 21:20 ReguThat case kicked me to watercooling with it dimensions and next one is gonna be smaller :D
01.04.2010 20:37 EeroWell that truly is small, only problem is the cooling of the processor. :p My objective is to be able to use proper components but still in a reasonably small case. Dimensions in the sketchup are so far around 180x300x440 (width/height/depth)
01.04.2010 20:22 Reguhttp://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e22/regu80/01042010125.jpg maybe this test session photo makes sense and yep dvd drive still missing in that pic.
01.04.2010 20:07 EeroSure
01.04.2010 19:47 ReguSmall u say? psu "above"(above gpu) cpu cooler and flipped 90dec. and slim dvd drive ;) I may have project pics from my case if u want.
01.04.2010 19:43 nanoThen you've got the right spirit. Just don't give up when you face difficulties :)
01.04.2010 19:18 EeroWhat if I prefer making my own? ... :)
01.04.2010 19:11 nanoYou might want to consider getting an mATX case if having a small case is your main goal. They're usually lower by approximately one psu since they have 3 pci slots less :) Check out silverstone tj08, it's what I'm currently working on. Also old mATX cases are very compact if you don't want to invest in a new case.
01.04.2010 18:03 EeroThe whole idea of the case is to make it smaller, easiest way to do that is to move the PSU from the back top to front bottom - this also makes the old sidepanels... not fittable. And don't worry, there will be dust filters + case will be on a table... PS: I'm making small tweaks to the plan every day... :p
01.04.2010 17:40 nanoI reccomend going with the parts allready available. You don't want to spend your time trying to reinvent the sidepanels. And since I'm allready commenting on a PLAN; You should rethink the positioning of that psu. Also, I'd never make the bottom of the case my main intake :)
01.04.2010 15:39 EeroBtw guys, if got any ideas of how the sidepanels should be attached - feel free to tell them. :p I've though about attaching them with thumbscrews (and nuts), with hinges or even with some velcro. Your opinions? :d
01.04.2010 08:27 DJanneHeat dont break it, temperature changes will.
01.04.2010 00:50 mofupoYou should put the hdd more in the airflow. In that corner it will become quiet hot.
31.03.2010 23:26 killabee86aa ok
31.03.2010 14:39 EeroTo pull it from the front and back to the case, so you'd have a normal PSU plug on the back. :) Not exactly the one laulir gave a link to, but similiar.
31.03.2010 11:12 killabee86What would that cable change ?
30.03.2010 23:24 laurilrhttp://www.onin.fi/product_details.php?p=7082
30.03.2010 22:56 Blazaxif power supply is on the front, isnt it little bit tricky to put the power cable clean from the front
30.03.2010 18:10 pertti85sounds interesting ;)