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Few keyboards :P
Few keyboards :P...
Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT30Y 50" Full HD Plasma-TV I just bought today.

That "TV-stand" is just a temporary solution, I'll see if I buy some plywood and make better stand for it. Maybe small project log about making the stand too.
Panasonic Viera TX-P...
All The Desktops update
All The Desktops upd...
Just mad...
Just mad......
Bought screen, old "pro"-screen, Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW. Used, only 40€, not bad  I think :)

Now I have three displays, thou' I'm going to kick the 17" 4:3 screen off the table sooner or later.
Bought screen, old &...
DIY liquour, or what? :D

Yeah, this has absolutely nothing to do with modding,.. Or maybe little bit, but Metku.net and Jipa is related to these, products. :D

Thanks to Jipa for the party o/ Epic shiznit!
DIY liquour, or what...
Got new PC few weeks ago...

-Intel i7 2600k
-ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
-2x ASUS GTX560Ti
-2x Kingston HyperX DDR3 4Gb 1333Mhz CL7
-OCZ 60GB Agility 3 Series SSD / SATAIII
-Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200.12 / SATA III
-Nice collection of older HDDs, from 1TB to 250GB / SATA II
-LG Bluray optical driver
-Noctua NH-D14
-Front panel fans are all Noctua, two 140mm and the NH-D14's 120mm "front-fan" is on the front panel.

I tried to manage the cables as well as I could and got 'em pretty decently...

Later on upgrading another 8GB of RAM and buying few more Noctuas and maybe another 1 or 2TB HDD, as I'm building a server soon so I don't need so many HDDs warming the case, just few TBs for storage etc... Everything else, not so much used pictures/videoclips and so on can stay on storage-server as you could imagine.

Propably making the rack-case for this PC, server, another PC and UPS which I might be buying, we'll see...
Got new PC few weeks...
4" TangBand
4" TangBand...
I got "Laboratory" Dual Output DC-Power Supply from... Umm... Ditch.

ITT Instruments AX322 - Metrix

Output voltage: 32V
Output current: 2.5A

It has four step limitter for current on both outputs: 0.1A, 0.5A, 1.0A and 2.5A

Fine and coarse adjustment for voltage on both outputs (That's why there is two knobs for voltage at both outputs if someone didn't know that)

Pretty good PSU for its price (free), normally you would pay about ~200euros for power supply like this. Though if you buy powersupply with same specs, it would be of course much newer than this semi-old PSU.

I give a extra-comment for a ATM-User who knows where this thing gets it's power, this photo is not photoshopped, or actually I did photoshop few bits but nothing which would hide the power source of this beautiful PSU :) Some photographers may have good guesses.
I got "Laborato...
Circuitboard which makes LEDs bounce with the music...

As you probably can see "Sponsored" by Petex. In this picture it's still missing power cable, "sound-signal-cable" and cable for LEDs


On that picture it has "sound-signal-cable". I actually made it ready, but I didn't took photo, I tested it with one led, and it's just beautiful :)

Edit 1: And yes in this picture it's still missing one resistor and jump-wire

Edit 2: If you want to make your own, check this (Only in Finnish) http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/index_aloitus.html

Edit 3: If you wanna buy your own, contact to Petex
Circuitboard which m...
Red was too ordinary colour so I changed the LEDs in the mouse to bright-white. Works very well. Now when the white LEDs are shining through the red plastic it looks kinda orange :)

Hmm.. What next, maybe a fan inside the mouse?

Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

Sorry about bit bad quality of photo, I had to use aperture F/1.8 so only very small area is focused.
Red was too ordinary...
Thin layer of paint aplied ^^

Looking good eh? :)

18.11.2010: Project will propably never continue :D
Thin layer of paint ...