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Title: ATI R9800SE
Created: 19.08.2008 20:35
DIY Cooling for 9800 so I can reach better OC :P (Basicly: I\'m just bored)
Okay... I didn't have enough nerves to wait for the Thermal-tape so I used "blue-stuff" (sinitarraa) and thermalpaste to attach those Memory-heatsinks to the AGP.

I was able to get clocks: 432Mhz/387Mhz which took me to the target score at 3DMark05 which was 2000points, actually I got a bit over my target score, I got 2008 points ;)

Probably trying to get 450/400 run 3DMark05 without crash at winter when it's colder ^^

Also it's probably good to tell that I'm going to have in few weeks DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-D (Socket 939) MotherBoard, Processor (For Socket 939, everything else is bit unknow untill I get it), ATI Radeon 850XT and random stuff like memory. So stay tuned for more "old-hardware" overclocking and DIY cooling!
Okay... I didn't hav...
"Huge" overclocking going on currenty :D

K7N420 Pro as a MoBo
Athlon XP 2000+ (1667Mhz default)
1024mb Memory
Radeon 9800SE

Processor is running nicely :P Almost 100mhz overclock! Stunning :D Trying to reach 1.8ghz, but MoBo isn't greate for overclocking so it will be hard. Temp, in idle is 53'C (Those who can't see, it's now 1.76ghz!]

Radeon 9800SE Default is 380.00/340.00, now it's running 450.00/365.40 (No memory cooling attached yet :( )

Looking good =P
"Huge" ove...
Now it fits 100%... All four are now ready, just waiting for the thermal-tape. Looks kinda good, I will probably paint the grey areas with thin coat of paint so it looks like real aftermarket product ;)

The AGP is currently running on test bench with Core heatsink.

As a Default, core is : 380.00mhz

Currently it's running @ 450.00mhz and no bugs on ATiTool 3D View, going to test with lover clocks on 3DMark05 cos' I had crash with 450.00 mhz, memory chips are damn hot >: |
Now it fits 100%... ...