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Title: DIY CNC
Created: 26.05.2010 14:52
Do it yourself CNC
Hello there my little fellas! Yes you have not heard from me for a while... Well I was "working" for the government on a secret mission for 270 days (13.7.2009 - 8.4.2010). 

After few week holiday my fingers started to itch and I had this weird urge to do something. Having that feeling and watching DIY CNC videos were pretty fatal! I accidentaly ordered three (3) steppermotors from Bebek.

So what I'm trying to build at this summer is DIY CNC machine, mostly for milling PCBs, but trying to have enough power possibly doing some aluminium works too with it.

I also bought 12 watt mono amplifier (Now I have two of these) so just going to build small stereo-amplifier so I can rock my Salora KS-305s ^^

Cya soon!
Hello there my littl...