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Title: DIY AMP
Created: 29.05.2010 15:33
Low Power Amplifier
It works! At least with DC :)

Next going to work on AC-wiring and transformer.

And the leds were thrown there just to test that their 12V rails work, leds will be positioned little bit better later on.
It works! At least w...
Ahh... Some progress finaly! Now the front- and backpanel is attached on each other.

Just planning how the parts fit inside. As you can see there is alot empty space but it is just HiFi ;) And there will be big mess of wires, and regulators will get their own heatsink too and other little things will materialize inside the case.

I also bought the table drill-press ;) What a beauty it is <3
Ahh... Some progress...
What ya chicks'n'dudes think, this is a knob I'll make to my amplifier propably or should I make/buy/steal just a ordinary round knob?

The axel of potentiometer is bit off center in the knob.
What ya chicks'n'dud...
Some progress... The backpanel is pretty much 95% ready, needs just few holes and finishing touch, going to wetsand it but I'm not going to use too fine paper, I don't want it to shine too much.

Propably makin' the front panel tomorrow and cut new heatsink for power supply's regulators (The first try went to disaster when the M3-thread tap snapped on two different pieces while making the last threading to the heatsink - damn what a lucky shot, spent propably 5hrs to try get it off, in the end I decided to just make a new heatsink as they are not so expensive shiznit...)

Propably going to buy small table drill-press too. Any good suggestions?
Some progress... The...
Check this out biatches! Somethin' actually happening (something new from me :D). Went to the local Etra and told them to cut me 14 pieces of 40x200mm and 12 pieces of 20x200mm from 4 mm tight polycarbon.

Cost: Free (I was going to take their souls if they don't do what I tell) Okay really those pieces were about 17.69euros.

No, they are not cut with laser, propably with tile or table saw. That's why so rough look, well... At least something to do to finnish 'em.

Now just gotta find nice screws and get the aluminium.. Maybe something happening again at next week!

And yes Drakmin, I ended up to the PC... Maybe on more powerfull amp using the aluminium so these can really be heatsinks ;) But that will have to wait for now.

(Yes there is pieces for the other side too, they are safely wrapped on plastic still :)
Check this out biatc...
The amplifier itself, same 12W Mono-AMP what I used on my ghettoblaster. Just two of them now (Stereo you know?). Heatsink is AM2-heatsink cut half, pretty darn cool eh ;)

This amplifier will not have too much power as you have maybe already realized, but later on (When I finnish my DIY CNC machine) I'll make better amplifier to fit on the same case design.

Comments are wellcome as always

Edit 1: Yes I know there is no the chip isolation on place yet, but there will be one... Just fitting on this picture.
The amplifier itself...
Sketchup... Little details missing and there will be 230VAC plug-in on the back panel too. Simple design. Going to make later on exactly same looking casing for HTPC and simple LED Stereo VU-meter.
Sketchup... Little d...