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Uploaded: 04.06.2009 21:29
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Yariko - I got "Laboratory" Dual Output DC-Power Supply from... Umm... Ditch.ITT Instruments AX322 - MetrixOutput voltage: 32VO

I got "Laboratory" Dual Output DC-Power Supply from... Umm... Ditch.

ITT Instruments AX322 - Metrix

Output voltage: 32V
Output current: 2.5A

It has four step limitter for current on both outputs: 0.1A, 0.5A, 1.0A and 2.5A

Fine and coarse adjustment for voltage on both outputs (That's why there is two knobs for voltage at both outputs if someone didn't know that)

Pretty good PSU for its price (free), normally you would pay about ~200euros for power supply like this. Though if you buy powersupply with same specs, it would be of course much newer than this semi-old PSU.

I give a extra-comment for a ATM-User who knows where this thing gets it's power, this photo is not photoshopped, or actually I did photoshop few bits but nothing which would hide the power source of this beautiful PSU :) Some photographers may have good guesses.

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14.06.2010 12:40 nanoyou just gotta know where to search
14.06.2010 11:53 JamppaYou are goddamn lucky :)
05.06.2009 13:49 YarikoYeah, of course you can wrap the cable around the feets too... And yeah the cable is a solid one.
05.06.2009 12:58 BenaHIf it's power cable is a solid one, then it must be it.
05.06.2009 12:38 JipaThe feet might be there just to prevent the cables from kinking. Also you can wrap the power cable around the feet, I assume? Makes it easier to store.
05.06.2009 12:15 YarikoI believe that they don't have anything to do with any kind of railing or rack system, they are plainly just a legs, probably for storage purposes so they take less space when they are "standing". But yeah, I'm not 100% sure.
05.06.2009 12:08 BenaHI think those are some ledges for the U-type railing? Like where you can stack them and they are attached only from the back and hanging on them?
05.06.2009 12:04 zaketusWhat are those things in the back corners? Where can that be attached with them. I just got oscilloscope and it has those too. Don't know what to search in google to find out.
04.06.2009 22:06 YarikoDamn you! Silence! Don't say it so loud! :D
04.06.2009 21:57 Jipa"Ditch" as in local vocational school? :D Wouldn't mind finding one of those as well...