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Uploaded: 04.10.2011 20:14
Categories: Monitor | Room and Desk Shots

Yariko - Just mad...

Just mad...

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05.10.2011 19:57 Yariko1680x1050 two times and one 1280x1024... 1920x1200 24" HPs/Dells coming propably end of this year or begining of next year... And yeah that Dell cost 40euros to me so that was why I pretty much bought it, and as I said, when I get bored to the 3-display setup, I will throw the 17" away, or atleast give some other use for it.
05.10.2011 19:40 willekWhere do you see a 1600x1200 display?-)
05.10.2011 19:32 drakmin(if i was able to spot the correct resolutions for your displays) ;D
05.10.2011 19:30 drakmin1600x1200 + 1680x1050 + 1024x768 = 4,3 million pixels. A 30" with 2560x1600 = 4 million pixels on a one screen. Nowadays you can buy old 30's for 400-500 so they might be infact better deal than multiple smaller displays especially because you have one big screen for all games of movies etc...
05.10.2011 17:06 JiikaxWhen I made some flash game with Flash CS5 I needed 3 screens. 24" for flash itself, 15" for flash Actions-window and 17" for browser to look code examples from internet :) or just in normal use 24" for web and other two for irc and foobar. Or TV in third screen. But usually third screen is just closed
05.10.2011 14:38 Yariko"Catch 'em all"
05.10.2011 11:44 drakminnice collection of different stands ;D
04.10.2011 23:36 Jipa....and with two decent-sized screens you end up with a scenario where you either look at the edges of the screens of the other screen ends about a meter outside your peripheral vision.
04.10.2011 22:45 YarikoYeah, three is overkill, but when surffing on web, chatting (MSN, IRC) the third monitor acts well as a "TV" (playing series and movies). But yeah, in the end, I prefer two.
04.10.2011 22:04 JipaWe had a lenghty discussion about this and decided that 3 screens are useless (and pathetic (my note)) unless they are of the same model. And even then they are only good for eyefinity games (and only simulators at that (my note)) But yeah superb screens m8!
04.10.2011 20:22 Hochram3...perfect for fps! :D
04.10.2011 20:22 killabee86http://wallbase.cc/start/ check this site !
04.10.2011 20:21 metalfusionDisplayFusion ftw!
04.10.2011 20:18 YarikoI'm currently searching for nice wallpaper, can't find one for my taste...
04.10.2011 20:18 willekNo spanning in w7 or vista :(
04.10.2011 20:17 metalfusionNow find a nice, spanning, wallpaper and expand your taskbar to all of them.