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Title: Taaabeli
Created: 21.10.2011 17:44
New desk for meeeh :)
Going to have RAID with six HDDs when the prices come down.
Going to have RAID w...
I've been told that these are LOUD! Gotta test them before I change them to little bit more subtle powersupply :P

Currently the chassis works just as a table if I pull it out since it doesn't have hardware in it yet (because of the PSUs).

Also the color of the chassis is pretty darn awesome, not going to repaint it :P
I've been told that ...
New rack case :P
New rack case :P...
Bought three Dell 2007FP displays, now I have four of them, currently can fit only three on the table thou'! :(

Gotta figure out a good way to mount them on the table so there is four screens on two rows. -On landscape "mode".
Bought three Dell 20...
PC and home server installed to the rack cases. I'll try to get good photo of them on the rack tomorrow!

The lid doesn't fit on the PC case since the Noctua NH-D14 cooler is too high :P I'll need to buy little bit smaller CPU cooler.
PC and home server i...
Bought few used Codegen 4U-500 rack-cases for my rack, as I'm too lazy and busy currently to make my own cases...

Happy suprise, I also received four 80mm and two 120mm Noctua fans with the cases. :)
Bought few used Code...
So, some progress on my desk-project... 

Still need to work with the cables and make stands for the monitors and maybe for the speakers too.

And maybe I'll get those rack cases done for my hardware so I don't have to use tower cases anymore! :(
So, some progress on...
Sneakpeak, table-whatever-project will be updated in few weeks, maybe. 

...when I have time to write :D
Sneakpeak, table-wha...
24mm birch plywood and "few" meters laminated veneer lumber, or whatever that stuff is.

Some progress on this table/desk project finally :)
24mm birch plywood a...
Meh... I installed rack-rails finally and threw some stuff on them. Maybe someday I have enough energy to start making rack cases for server and PC
Meh... I installed r...
Meh, some progress on the cube-part :P

In total, 104 holes drilled, and everything fits together! I have to make six more holes to attach the shelf which will divide the smaller compartment to help with storage :P

In the picture parts are together just with few wooden pins (?) to see how it looks.

My plans are to treat the plywood bit darker, the door might be left for the original colour, or treated almost black... We'll see.

I'm also putting project-log up as soon as I have the time to process the RAW images :P
Meh, some progress o...
24mm birch plywood, maybe  I'll after all get something done :)

Heads-up for drakmin, I got 'em! And also for Jipa, you propably dont have to hate me to the death :)

I'll see if I start building it at the weekend.

I also got way too much left-overs from the place I bought these O_o I may have to build a subwoofer, even if the plywood isn't the best for it.
24mm birch plywood, ...
I got the rack-rails and few accessories for them finally! o/ Hoorrray...
I got the rack-rails...

Title: DIY AMP
Created: 29.05.2010 15:33
Low Power Amplifier
It works! At least with DC :)

Next going to work on AC-wiring and transformer.

And the leds were thrown there just to test that their 12V rails work, leds will be positioned little bit better later on.
It works! At least w...
Ahh... Some progress finaly! Now the front- and backpanel is attached on each other.

Just planning how the parts fit inside. As you can see there is alot empty space but it is just HiFi ;) And there will be big mess of wires, and regulators will get their own heatsink too and other little things will materialize inside the case.

I also bought the table drill-press ;) What a beauty it is <3
Ahh... Some progress...
What ya chicks'n'dudes think, this is a knob I'll make to my amplifier propably or should I make/buy/steal just a ordinary round knob?

The axel of potentiometer is bit off center in the knob.
What ya chicks'n'dud...
Some progress... The backpanel is pretty much 95% ready, needs just few holes and finishing touch, going to wetsand it but I'm not going to use too fine paper, I don't want it to shine too much.

Propably makin' the front panel tomorrow and cut new heatsink for power supply's regulators (The first try went to disaster when the M3-thread tap snapped on two different pieces while making the last threading to the heatsink - damn what a lucky shot, spent propably 5hrs to try get it off, in the end I decided to just make a new heatsink as they are not so expensive shiznit...)

Propably going to buy small table drill-press too. Any good suggestions?
Some progress... The...
Check this out biatches! Somethin' actually happening (something new from me :D). Went to the local Etra and told them to cut me 14 pieces of 40x200mm and 12 pieces of 20x200mm from 4 mm tight polycarbon.

Cost: Free (I was going to take their souls if they don't do what I tell) Okay really those pieces were about 17.69euros.

No, they are not cut with laser, propably with tile or table saw. That's why so rough look, well... At least something to do to finnish 'em.

Now just gotta find nice screws and get the aluminium.. Maybe something happening again at next week!

And yes Drakmin, I ended up to the PC... Maybe on more powerfull amp using the aluminium so these can really be heatsinks ;) But that will have to wait for now.

(Yes there is pieces for the other side too, they are safely wrapped on plastic still :)
Check this out biatc...
The amplifier itself, same 12W Mono-AMP what I used on my ghettoblaster. Just two of them now (Stereo you know?). Heatsink is AM2-heatsink cut half, pretty darn cool eh ;)

This amplifier will not have too much power as you have maybe already realized, but later on (When I finnish my DIY CNC machine) I'll make better amplifier to fit on the same case design.

Comments are wellcome as always

Edit 1: Yes I know there is no the chip isolation on place yet, but there will be one... Just fitting on this picture.
The amplifier itself...
Sketchup... Little details missing and there will be 230VAC plug-in on the back panel too. Simple design. Going to make later on exactly same looking casing for HTPC and simple LED Stereo VU-meter.
Sketchup... Little d...

Title: DIY CNC
Created: 26.05.2010 14:52
Do it yourself CNC
Hello there my little fellas! Yes you have not heard from me for a while... Well I was "working" for the government on a secret mission for 270 days (13.7.2009 - 8.4.2010). 

After few week holiday my fingers started to itch and I had this weird urge to do something. Having that feeling and watching DIY CNC videos were pretty fatal! I accidentaly ordered three (3) steppermotors from Bebek.

So what I'm trying to build at this summer is DIY CNC machine, mostly for milling PCBs, but trying to have enough power possibly doing some aluminium works too with it.

I also bought 12 watt mono amplifier (Now I have two of these) so just going to build small stereo-amplifier so I can rock my Salora KS-305s ^^

Cya soon!
Hello there my littl...

Title: ATI R9800SE
Created: 19.08.2008 20:35
DIY Cooling for 9800 so I can reach better OC :P (Basicly: I\'m just bored)
Okay... I didn't have enough nerves to wait for the Thermal-tape so I used "blue-stuff" (sinitarraa) and thermalpaste to attach those Memory-heatsinks to the AGP.

I was able to get clocks: 432Mhz/387Mhz which took me to the target score at 3DMark05 which was 2000points, actually I got a bit over my target score, I got 2008 points ;)

Probably trying to get 450/400 run 3DMark05 without crash at winter when it's colder ^^

Also it's probably good to tell that I'm going to have in few weeks DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-D (Socket 939) MotherBoard, Processor (For Socket 939, everything else is bit unknow untill I get it), ATI Radeon 850XT and random stuff like memory. So stay tuned for more "old-hardware" overclocking and DIY cooling!
Okay... I didn't hav...
"Huge" overclocking going on currenty :D

K7N420 Pro as a MoBo
Athlon XP 2000+ (1667Mhz default)
1024mb Memory
Radeon 9800SE

Processor is running nicely :P Almost 100mhz overclock! Stunning :D Trying to reach 1.8ghz, but MoBo isn't greate for overclocking so it will be hard. Temp, in idle is 53'C (Those who can't see, it's now 1.76ghz!]

Radeon 9800SE Default is 380.00/340.00, now it's running 450.00/365.40 (No memory cooling attached yet :( )

Looking good =P
"Huge" ove...
Now it fits 100%... All four are now ready, just waiting for the thermal-tape. Looks kinda good, I will probably paint the grey areas with thin coat of paint so it looks like real aftermarket product ;)

The AGP is currently running on test bench with Core heatsink.

As a Default, core is : 380.00mhz

Currently it's running @ 450.00mhz and no bugs on ATiTool 3D View, going to test with lover clocks on 3DMark05 cos' I had crash with 450.00 mhz, memory chips are damn hot >: |
Now it fits 100%... ...

Default album
Few keyboards :P
Few keyboards :P...
Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT30Y 50" Full HD Plasma-TV I just bought today.

That "TV-stand" is just a temporary solution, I'll see if I buy some plywood and make better stand for it. Maybe small project log about making the stand too.
Panasonic Viera TX-P...
All The Desktops update
All The Desktops upd...
Just mad...
Just mad......
Bought screen, old "pro"-screen, Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW. Used, only 40€, not bad  I think :)

Now I have three displays, thou' I'm going to kick the 17" 4:3 screen off the table sooner or later.
Bought screen, old &...
DIY liquour, or what? :D

Yeah, this has absolutely nothing to do with modding,.. Or maybe little bit, but Metku.net and Jipa is related to these, products. :D

Thanks to Jipa for the party o/ Epic shiznit!
DIY liquour, or what...
Got new PC few weeks ago...

-Intel i7 2600k
-ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
-2x ASUS GTX560Ti
-2x Kingston HyperX DDR3 4Gb 1333Mhz CL7
-OCZ 60GB Agility 3 Series SSD / SATAIII
-Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200.12 / SATA III
-Nice collection of older HDDs, from 1TB to 250GB / SATA II
-LG Bluray optical driver
-Noctua NH-D14
-Front panel fans are all Noctua, two 140mm and the NH-D14's 120mm "front-fan" is on the front panel.

I tried to manage the cables as well as I could and got 'em pretty decently...

Later on upgrading another 8GB of RAM and buying few more Noctuas and maybe another 1 or 2TB HDD, as I'm building a server soon so I don't need so many HDDs warming the case, just few TBs for storage etc... Everything else, not so much used pictures/videoclips and so on can stay on storage-server as you could imagine.

Propably making the rack-case for this PC, server, another PC and UPS which I might be buying, we'll see...
Got new PC few weeks...
4" TangBand
4" TangBand...
I got "Laboratory" Dual Output DC-Power Supply from... Umm... Ditch.

ITT Instruments AX322 - Metrix

Output voltage: 32V
Output current: 2.5A

It has four step limitter for current on both outputs: 0.1A, 0.5A, 1.0A and 2.5A

Fine and coarse adjustment for voltage on both outputs (That's why there is two knobs for voltage at both outputs if someone didn't know that)

Pretty good PSU for its price (free), normally you would pay about ~200euros for power supply like this. Though if you buy powersupply with same specs, it would be of course much newer than this semi-old PSU.

I give a extra-comment for a ATM-User who knows where this thing gets it's power, this photo is not photoshopped, or actually I did photoshop few bits but nothing which would hide the power source of this beautiful PSU :) Some photographers may have good guesses.
I got "Laborato...
Circuitboard which makes LEDs bounce with the music...

As you probably can see "Sponsored" by Petex. In this picture it's still missing power cable, "sound-signal-cable" and cable for LEDs


On that picture it has "sound-signal-cable". I actually made it ready, but I didn't took photo, I tested it with one led, and it's just beautiful :)

Edit 1: And yes in this picture it's still missing one resistor and jump-wire

Edit 2: If you want to make your own, check this (Only in Finnish) http://koti.mbnet.fi/petex/index_aloitus.html

Edit 3: If you wanna buy your own, contact to Petex
Circuitboard which m...
Red was too ordinary colour so I changed the LEDs in the mouse to bright-white. Works very well. Now when the white LEDs are shining through the red plastic it looks kinda orange :)

Hmm.. What next, maybe a fan inside the mouse?

Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

Sorry about bit bad quality of photo, I had to use aperture F/1.8 so only very small area is focused.
Red was too ordinary...
Thin layer of paint aplied ^^

Looking good eh? :)

18.11.2010: Project will propably never continue :D
Thin layer of paint ...