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Created: 04.08.2008 20:51
I\'m currently making new desktop.
Another picture of my new desk.
Another picture of m...
So, there's my new desktop. Wood cost's 109 at bauhaus.

Btw. vote please
So, there's my new d...
Now i've made it longer so i can have over 2 metres long board there. The board will also be 80cm deep so it's quite big?
Now i've made it lon...
Now i've been taken those boards off. There will be only 1 board.
Now i've been taken ...
My project. New desktop and you can change level of it.
My project. New desk...

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My Yamaha YZF-R125, Plexi has been Darkened with spray and licenseplates holder has been modded.
My Yamaha YZF-R125, ...
So everyone who is coming to asm09 tell your place to this photo! 

So it's easy to look where everybody is at Assembly

spekka           	B10/16
Heikki63         	B8/24
jarvinen	                B14/29
petex	                B7/8 
s0lid	                A14/1 + other mato78 gang at A14 + A13 tables :P
Masse	                F11/3
JohnEdward 	 laptop
NiBa	                B10/15
HaoKi	                C5/9 - C5/12
Voryon           	C5/1 me thinks
Japala	                somewhere near sauna facilities on the floor level. stand with      Dremel in the lobby. :)

Jiikax	                D15/3
Penttipatentti	A11/4 
tOukooo	        A3/1
Tissuntassun        E12/1 
Wolde	                E12/3
viki  	                laptop
verru                     B8/25
So everyone who is c...
My marks
My marks
There you see my new  computer.

Sapphire hd4870
4gb G.skill 1000mhz overclocked 
Corsair tx650w 
1tb hdd
Asus P5Q-deluxe

Not too much wires?
There you see my new...
cathodes. Can't see well. Side panel from my case was away so you can see Xigmatec red scorpion
cathodes. Can't see ...
My and pertti85's Gileras. Mine is (was) RCR and Pertti85's is (still) SMT. I crushed mine :)

Ps. There's my familys tractor. It's Algaier from -52 and it designed by Fernand Porsche.
My and pertti85's Gi...
That's my desktop today. Maybe tomorrow it will be different, when my project will be finished.

Ps. Urho Kekkonen is watching me, while i play :)
That's my desktop to...