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Uploaded: 07.08.2008 16:13
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verru - There you see my new  computer.E8400@3.0ghzSapphire hd48704gb G.skill 1000mhz overclocked Corsair tx650w 1tb hddAsus P5Q-deluxeN

There you see my new computer.

Sapphire hd4870
4gb G.skill 1000mhz overclocked
Corsair tx650w
1tb hdd
Asus P5Q-deluxe

Not too much wires?

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19.06.2009 12:21 eeetuuh:D no i have made new kinda thing to wires :D
01.01.2009 20:07 spekkaOkay..
01.01.2009 20:00 spekkaDoes your GPU gets hot whit stock-cooler?
29.12.2008 02:14 Penttipatenttiantec <33
29.12.2008 02:13 Heikki63too much wires
11.12.2008 22:18 lossdriveryes, it was delivered to me minutes after the comment :D
28.11.2008 23:54 verrured scorpion
28.11.2008 21:51 rippeit is Xigmatec red scorpion i think ;)
28.11.2008 21:39 DJanneSom' Achilles?
28.11.2008 21:33 KoisaajaThat cpu cooler what is it?
28.11.2008 19:26 Penttipatentti:D ok
27.11.2008 22:20 Penttipatentticome to lan with me and jape93 after 24 december? :D
08.08.2008 13:34 Voryonid sugest to drill holes in the hd rack's and pull the wires there =P that's what i did hehe
07.08.2008 22:36 pertti85if you mean cpu cooler.... I have bigger one..:D
07.08.2008 22:25 verruCase is.... Antec... Three.. HUNDRED. I'll rotate it soon. Btw. look that cp cooler. :)
07.08.2008 19:41 laurilrYea I supposed so (I have Antec 300 too) ;p
07.08.2008 18:33 DJanneIt's Antec Three Hundred ;)
07.08.2008 17:53 pertti85case is antec tree hunderd I think..:D You have cleaned your wires so nicely....:D turn the picture
07.08.2008 17:09 NiBaUmm rotate pics before upload!
07.08.2008 17:07 DJanneYep, for closer look I think it too.
07.08.2008 17:02 HaoKiP180 has separate compartments for the psu and the rest of the parts so it's definitely not the P180... Waiting for more pics...:)
07.08.2008 17:01 DJanneBTW, I have same GPU but I haven't that sticker what can see here.
07.08.2008 16:57 DJanneI think its Antec P180
07.08.2008 16:50 laurilrNot too much wires from this angle :P What is that case?